A sweet time Saturday at festive parade in Adel

Lasting nearly two hours, the annual Sweet Corn Festival parade in Adel doubled, at least, the population of the Dallas County seat.

Retired Adel Chief of Police Jim McNeill (right) served as Grand Marshall of the parade. Dale Swanson served as his driver for the event, and both made sure to bombard eager youngsters with plenty of candy.

ADEL — Chairs, tents and umbrellas began appearing Friday night. By 8 a.m. Saturday, blankets had been spread and “reserved” spots began to fill, all in anticipation for the 9:30 a.m. start of the annual Sweet Corn Festival parade.

Thousands lined the route, with nearly every yard three or more spectators deep. Organizers estimated the crowd would help to swell the population of Adel (3,700 in 2010) to nearly 10,000 strong, at least for a few hours.

The festival continues through the evening, with a variety of events planned around the Dallas County courthouse square, where vendor tents sprang up like the 15,000 ears of Deardorff sweet corn that were given away to hungry attendees.

Jim McNeill, the recently retired Chief of Police in Adel, served as Grand Marshall. McNeill served the city for 29 years, 19 of them as police chief.

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