April Bluejay Leaders named respectful, responsible, safe

April Bluejay Leaders in the second grade are, front row from left, Natalia Garcia, Bayler Magnani and Edgar Canal; second row from left, Lucy Maldonado, Jack Fox, Brendon Villanueva and Brian Cordon; third row from left, J. R. Velasquez-Mendoza, Rahaw Gebrehiwet and Sybilla Edmondson. Caleb Hoffman and Matthew Redig are not pictured. Photo courtesy PCSD

The Perry Elementary School named its Bluejay Leaders for April Friday. The students were recognized for behavior that is respectful, responsible and safe.

April Bluejay Leaders in the transitional kindergarten and kindergarten were Christian Shores-Irvin, Anthony Gonzalez, Jimena Banales, Andrew Kautzky, Ana Renate, Matias Guevara-Quijada, Valeria Cruz, Luna Garcia-Sanchez, Maylee Krull, Grace Nelson, Jacob Zulu, Eli Cerna and Emilio Williams.

April Bluejay Leaders in the first grade were Breanna Valle, Kenneth Channell, Sulis Paz-Rutherford, Matteo Flores, Amenes Peter, Lily Steadman, Octavia Anderson, Eri Saldivar-Galvez, Ceclia Hernandez, Israel Hernandez, Madison Canales and Tenley Baldwin.

April Bluejay Leaders in the second grade were Natalia Garcia, Bayler Magnani, Edgar Canal, Lucy Maldonado, Jack Fox, Brendon Villanueva, Brian Cordon, J. R. Velasquez-Mendoza, Rahaw Gebrehiwet, Sybilla Edmondson, Caleb Hoffman and Matthew Redig.

April Bluejay Leaders in the third grade wer Hunter French, Yordanos Okubazgi, DeShawn White, Jay Vargas, Marbella Silva-Lopez, Parker Joiner, Diego Cruz-Ramirez, Jannett Sanchez, Houston Escalante and Genesis Corado.

April Bluejay Leaders in the fourth grade were Gaspar Pu-Tum, Aurora Sheehy, Brunno Gonzalez, Sol Soriano, Harper Welch, Brayan Pineda, Thomas Trotter, Lauren Finn, Graeson Cumming and Aurbriella Gonzalez.

April Bluejay Leaders in the fifth grade were Jafet Rivas, Ahmir Joliff, Bryson Rothfus, Elaina Suitt, Jayse Whelchel, Axel Cortez, Valentina Medina, Idally Chavez, Duc Dang and Abby Hernandez.


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