Armed domestic dispute near Redfield ends peacefully Thursday

A domestic disturbance at a home southeast of Redfield early Thursday ended peacefully in spite of both parties wielding firearms.

A domestic disagreement on a Redfield acreage ended peacefully early Thursday when an armed woman surrendered to Dallas County Deputy Sheriffs.

According to the man who called 911 shortly after midnight, a woman left the residence armed with a 9 millimeter handgun shortly after midnight and proceeded to walk around the property, ranting and raving and in considerable mental distress.

The caller, meanwhile, also armed with a handgun, remained inside with a daughter.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s office, Dallas County EMS and Iowa State Patrol responded to the incident shortly after midnight.

Having shed her pistol, the distressed woman was taken into custody without further incident.

“This was what we call a mental crisis,” said Dallas County Sheriff Chad Leonard Thursday.

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