Bald eagle bravely watches over Raccoon River valley

A bald eagle, carved by Gary Keenan of Des Moines, keeps watch over the eastern approaches to 15001 J Ave. on Perry's south side.

An American flag and a Ford pickup truck stand near the bald eagle at 15001 J Ave. near Perry, symbols of national pride and strength is challenging times.

A silent sentinel stands watch over the Raccoon River valley at 150th Street and J Avenue (County Road P58) south of Perry.

The watcher is a bald eagle, carved from a tree trunk, the handiwork of Des Moines artists Gary Keenan.

An American flag stands near the bald eagle in front of the bed-and-breakfast residence owned by Bob Nevitt at 15001 J Ave.

Nevitt said the bald eagle was commissioned as a memorial to his wife Barb, who passed away in 2013 and who loved to watch the eagles in the river valley from the deck of the house.

Nevitt said he wants his fellow citizens to drive by and see the eagle and the flag, symbols of national pride and strength, and take courage and find cause for hope in these challenging times.


  1. Hi. I really like how the eagle carving/sculpture turned out. It is a great way to honor someone’s memory. Because of the derecho, so much damage was done to the trees in and around Perry, but you decided to turn your badly damaged tree into art that can continue to be appreciated.


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