Bargain hunters embark on a sales safari along Highway 141

The first day of the two-day Highway 141 Garage Sale had steady crowds browsing at locations along the route.

Anyone driving around Perry Friday could not help but notice the increased traffic in many residential neighborhoods as well as along more heavily-traveled routes.

The reason? The first day of the two-day annual Highway 141 Garage Sale was in full swing.

Cash-and-carry was king as one man’s ‘junk’ became another man’s treasure at dozens of sales in Perry alone. If communities all along the highway also participating, it is a safe bet both buyers and sellers managed to rummage up a good time.

Slow-moving vehicles trying desperately to read addresses off roadside signs, or gawking at the wares as they crept by at a snail’s pace while trying to avoid numerous parked cars, were common scenes. While some venues appeared to focus on clothing, others offered future or other household items while still others provided a consignment-shop variety of wares, all, no doubt, “marked to sell” at “bargain prices.”

With sunny skies and mild temperatures in the low 80s forecast for Saturday, it is a good bet the wheeling and dealing will continue at a brisk pace.

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