Beating the heat on a warm summer day

Cooling off on the Splash Pad at the MCB seemed to these youngsters like the perfect way to spend a steamy Thursday afternoon.

While Thursday may not have been the hottest day in July, by the standards of most observers it was quite warm enough.

Indeed, it was sultry enough that numerous youngsters took advantage of open pool time at the McCreary Community Building to have some fun in the water and on the Splash Pad deck as well.



  1. Love seeing my son (right) and little brother having so much fun. Glad someone is going around and doing positive posts about our town instead of only seeing it when something bad is going on.

  2. I love the rec. and all it has to offer but why can’t a town this size support an outdoor pool? Each summer I go to various other towns and see Perry people. It would also be cheap in relation to a life of a child swimming in the river or other water area. It might help bring families to Perry. Many people enjoy the outside, but cannot afford the country club. Another idea would be add it to the Rec. and change prices for members or figure out different price scales for members / non-members. Just my two cents.


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