Beauteous bollards bloom as themed public art along RRVT

A craftsman installs the colorful tiles on Perry's southern bollard along Iowa Highway 141, part of the RRVT's trail-wide themed design. Photo courtesy Cheri Tice Scheib

Color is coming to the public-art bollards rising along the Raccoon River Valley Trail (RRVT) as the communities participating in the trail-wide, themed art project — Perry, Minburn, Dallas Center and others — show their trail-town pride.

The Perry City Council approved funding last summer for the RDG Planning and Design Dahlquist Art Studio public-art design, which is intended to create a “common theme” and a “cultural corridor” for the 89-mile RRVT. The design’s motifs derive from the Waukee trailhead of the RRVT and are repeated in many of the trail’s 13 towns.

Perry will be unique as a two-headed town once the Let’s Connect link trail is built between Perry and Woodward, with trailheads for both popular trails — the RRVT and the High Trestle Trail. The proposal has been made to reproduce the High Trestle Bridge’s recognizable steel cribbing at the Perry trailhead in order to direct riders to the High Trestle Trail.

The Perry City Council agreed to pay $11,630 for its tow bollards, one at the RRVT trailhead at Caboose Park and the other along the trail at Iowa Highway 141.

RDG Planning and Design Dahlquist Art Studio gave the world the cribbing over the High Trestle Trail Bridge, which opened in 2011. The propsal has been made to reproduce the cribbing motif at the Perry trailhead for the High Trestle


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