Beware of scam involving sheriff’s office imposter


ADEL, Iowa — The Dallas County Sheriff’s office is investigating reports of a phone scam involving a caller who claims to be from the sheriff’s office.

“The Dallas County Sheriff’s office has received numerous reports of a scam where an individual is falsely identifying himself as Sgt. Jim Brown of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office in order to gain personal information,” Dallas County Sheriff Chad Leonard said Tuesday in a pubic service announcement.

The sheriff advised victims to withhold all information from the scam caller and simply hang up the phone.

“If you receive a strange call, and it doesn’t make sense to you, please hang up and contact your local law enforcement agency,” Leonard said. “They should be able to assist you in validating the call itself.¬†With the holidays upon us, this always seems to be the time when scams seem to be more prevalent. Please be vigilant and help those around you.”


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