Billy Rogers of Perry


William Rogers, 67, passed away at home Monday, Nov. 15, 2021, in Perry, Iowa.

Bill was born March 16, 1954, to Robert and Dorothy (Zimmerman) Rogers in Perry.

He attended St. Patrick’s School and graduated from Perry High School.

Bill was a brakeman for the Milwaukee Railroad and then worked as a maintenance mechanic for several companies. He was a skilled welder and owned “Weld known William,” a portable welding service.

He was always willing to help family and friends.

Bill enjoyed his 750 Honda bored out to an 856, vans and a jet boat, which helped him earn the nickname “Mad Dog.” In his later years, it turned into “Happy Cat.”

William is survived by his sisters, Patricia (Mark) Taylor, Roberta LeMaster and Mary Ann Rogers; along with their families.

His parents precede him in death.

The family will be having a memorial service later in the spring. There will be plenty of Budweiser “in a can,” just the way Bill liked it!


  1. I can’t say as I recall ever commenting on an obituary, but I figure there’s a first time for everything. Billy used to give me all kinds of flak way, way back, but we both eventually got over that. He was that he was. Once you got around his gruff exterior, he was really a very nice man. He was a character, for sure. Only a scant few of the old Ballyhoo crew are left. Bernie is gone. So is Lani. Now, Billy. I miss them all. I’m not in any real particular hurry, but I suppose I will see them all again soon enough. I still have friends remaining here I’d rather hang with for now.

  2. Billy was one of a kind. Great guy, always friendly, always ready to offer advice or help. His 750 was bored out to 861. My 750 was upped to an 836. Raced Bill many times out on the Berkley blacktop and also out through the S curves, back in the day. He was fearless. He did things that would have killed a regular person. But when you heard the Mad Dog had done this or that and only broke his leg or got bruised up, you knew Billy had merely used up one more of his nine lives. Rest In Peace, Bill!


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