Blonde sisters Jayde, Phoebe answer Laura’s Quick Questions

Sisters Jayde Stewart Fellom, left, and Phoebe Stewart, the owners of Perry’s newest downtown store, Blonde Sisters Boutique, answer Laura's Quick Questions.

Sisters Jayde Stewart Fellom and Phoebe Stewart are the owners of Perry’s newest downtown store—Blonde Sisters Boutique. They grew up in Perry and are two of six siblings split evenly between girls and boys. Both have furry kids—Jayde has Shanel, a chow chow, Ava, a shiba inu, and Sidney, a silky terrier. Phoebe has Bubba, a Chihuahua.

They both love Colorado, spotlight (read on), comfy fashion and tacos.

This is the first duo responding to quick questions. As my statistics professor explained eons ago when assigning “1” to males and “2” to females—“1” is first, but “2” is a bigger number. So, with Jayde and Phoebe, Jayde’s answers are always first to help my readers keep track of the sisters, but Phoebe gets the last word.

Laura: What’s your favorite thing to do in Perry?
Jayde: Going to the Tin Pig for dinner.
Phoebe: Riding my bike around town.

Laura: Favorite Perry comfort food?
Jayde: Taco truck tacos—street tacos are my favorite (she likes them all).
Phoebe: The Tin Pig or tacos, pupusas, burritos.

Laura: App on your phone you use the most?
Jayde: Instagram.
Phoebe: TikTok. (This was not a subjective feeling. This was data. Phoebe initially thought Snapchat but, prompted by Jayde, she checked Screen Time to have the data indicate TikTok was her most used app, with Snapchat as number two.)

Laura: What is one of the best gifts you’ve ever received?
Jayde and Phoebe: One of the best gifts we’ve gotten since we opened the business was from the lady at Little Loo’s Tattoos. (Jayde showed me a quote to hang in the store, “One shoe can change your life. –Cinderella.” It’s perfect since the Blonde Sisters Boutique sells non-glass shoes.)

Laura: Name a song you could listen to on “repeat” for forever.
Jayde: “Country Roads” by John Denver.
Phoebe: “House of Gold” by Twenty One Pilots.

Laura: What outfit or piece of clothing or accessory did you wear growing up that you thought was the coolest ever?
Jayde: A pair of jeans from Younkers that my grandma gave me that had fake rips in them. I wore them ‘til real holes appeared in the jeans.
Phoebe: I would wear skirts and dresses every day.

Laura: What’s the most impressive thing you can cook?
Jayde: I make salmon. I cannot burn a chicken breast. I’m really good at making Jack’s Pizza (a frozen pizza available in a freezer case near you).
Phoebe: I can cook just about anything—chicken alfredo with homemade alfredo sauce.

Laura: What’s the best trait you inherited from your parents?
Jayde: Probably my work ethic.
Phoebe: I want to steal that one—work ethic. And my personality—dad’s.Laura: Most enjoyable way to spend $50?

Jayde: I would get myself a new sweater or some sort of clothing item.
Phoebe: Crumbl Cookies and I would buy tacos.

Laura: If you had to take a tourist one place in the Perry area, where would you take the person?
Jayde: Probably Second Street to all of our shops and restaurants.
Phoebe: The Big Bike, downtown, the murals and Pattee Park.

Laura: Name something your sister is good at that you’re not very good at.
Jayde: Cooking is definitely mine.
Phoebe: She’s better at fashion than I am.

Laura: What one thing would you like to see happen in Perry that hasn’t happened yet?
Jayde: See Second Street continue to grow and have more businesses come to town. I’d love to see it continue to flourish.
Phoebe: I’m really excited about Scooter’s Coffee (announced) and Domino’s Pizza (rumored).

Laura: Favorite game or activity you did together as kids?
Jayde and Phoebe: In our yard, we called it spotlight. It was like hide ‘n seek. Someone would have a flashlight, and you’d go around and try to catch others with your “spotlight.”
Phoebe: And ride four-wheelers by the timber.

Laura: When people come to Perry for the first time, what do you think surprises them the most?
Jayde and Phoebe: They’ll say that they are so surprised Perry is so cute and that we have so many things to do downtown. Cute stores, restaurants, and things like that–the hotel.

Laura: What’s the one thing that you really wish all Perryites understood about you personally?
Jayde and Phoebe: I guess just that we’re here and that everyone knows that we’re here—it’s a process.

Laura: Name one of your hidden talents or interests that may surprise people.
Jayde: I read—thrillers or mysteries.
Phoebe: I really like baking and cooking.

Laura: What is the most scenic landscape you’ve ever travelled through?
Jayde and Phoebe: Colorado. Love Colorado.

Laura: What is the best TV show of all time?
Jayde and Phoebe: (Their answer here was in perfect unison.) “Friends.”

Laura: What do you look back on and think, “I’d never do that again”?
Jayde: I would never go back to college or anything like that. Glad to be done with that.
Phoebe: I would say hiking, but I feel like I’ll end up doing that again.

Laura: Person you’d most like to meet (living or dead).
Jayde: Audrey Hepburn.
Phoebe: Jennifer Aniston.

Laura: Your best fashion tip.
Jayde: Have fun with outfits, and be comfortable in whatever you’re in.
Phoebe: Always stay comfortable.

Laura: Thing about the boutique that you are most excited for customers to experience?
Jayde: Getting to know us and familiarize themselves with what we have in the store.
Phoebe: I just like the personal connection with customers.

Laura: What are you looking forward to in the next 12 months?
Jayde: Growing our business. Working. All the new products that we’re going to be getting in.
Phoebe: Going to Colorado next month.
Jayde and Phoebe: We hope people come and visit us. We’re excited to be here.

Stop in at Blonde Sisters on Second Street. Get to know the sisters, and see what their boutique has to offer. Get tips on how to win at spotlight, the secret to the best homemade alfredo sauce and how to put together a comfortable outfit including life-changing shoes.

Laura’s share: What is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received? I worked at Hy-Vee between undergraduate and graduate school and was in a debt spiral with my mom. I’d borrow money, get my paycheck and pay her back, borrow again before my next payday, repeat. Inside a Christmas card she wrote, “All debts are paid in full.” Hallelujah, thank you, mom!


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