Bluejay Leaders for February announced

Kindergarten Bluejay Leaders for February were, front row from left, Seraphina Adams, Adam Blaha and Melanie Osuna; second row from left, Bayne Peterson, Damian Dorantes, Autumn Joiner and Kalyani Marcus; back row from left, Abril Ramirez, Jaxx Penfold, Zubayr Khalid and Lilianna Hernandez. Not pictured are Fabian Banuelos-Castella, Maylee Hoffman and Isabella Contreras-Roman. Photo courtesy PCSD

The Perry Elementary School’s Bluejay Leaders for February were announced Friday.

Bluejay Leaders are selected by teachers for displaying respectful, responsible and safe behaviors at school.

Kindergarten Bluejay Leaders for February were Seraphina Adams, Adam Blaha, Melanie Osuna, Bayne Peterson, Damian Dorantes, Autumn Joiner, Kalyani Marcus, Abril Ramirez, Jaxx Penfold, Zubayr Khalid, Lilianna Hernandez, Fabian Banuelos-Castella, Maylee Hoffman and Isabella Contreras-Roman.

First grade Bluejay Leaders were Samuel Hernandez, Leandro Francisco, Kelsey Kanealy, Leilani Leber, Alessandro Fonseca, Frank Ruiz, Rafael Garcia-Rios, Izzy Molina, Max Esipinoza, Emma Jacobson, Faith Kanealy and Andrea Porras.

Second grade Bluejay Leaders were Azul Rivera, Lexi Phillips, Daniel Zamora, Carter West, Salma Bolke-Paredes, Luis Santos-Garcia, Hismarly Martinez, Penny Paulson, Summer LuBlay, Dania Gonzalez, Kevin Cojon and Teresa Armenta.

Third grade Bluejay Leaders were James Maylum, Jhazleen Tobar, Ava Miller, Franky Augustin-Marroquin, Lunabella Barron, Victor Garcia, Lily Moore, Andres Silvestre, Dominiq Lewis and Grace Lawwson.

Fourth grade Bluejay Leaders were Adilene Romero, Haley Perla, Isaiah Basiente, Alexis Ochoa, Catnyss Hein, Caleb Harland, Jesus Hernandez, Matthew Leake, Jayden Lopez-Tapia and Josue Porras.

Fifth grade Bluejay Leaders were Liam Finn, Charlie Baxter, Michelle Chic-Portillo, Caydence Speck, EhShee, Jayden Rojero, Rebecca Diaz-Cardenas, Melany Mineros-Rivas, Allison Cornelio-Vasquez and Kambri Moten.


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