Bluejay Leaders for March named at Perry Elementary

These smiling faces belong to the Bluejay Leaders for March that were chosen from the kindergarten classes at Perry Elementary. Front row, from left: Avrey Doll, Angel Santis, Tucker Marler, Emileigh Hensel and Jonathan Ruiz Aragon. Back row, from left: Miranda Davila, Ashton Kife, Cameron Lauer and Faith Murphy. Not pictured are Jessica Hidalgo, Bushiri Zawadi, Faith Joel and Eli Parnell. Photo submitted.

The Perry Elementary School names Bluejay Leaders for each month of the school year. Students are selected by their teachers for displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behavior. The list of Bluejay Leaders for March was recently released by Co-Principals Joel Martin and Ned Menke.

Bluejay Leaders in the First Grade were, front row from left: Mackinzie Lilley, Dominick Flores-Jimenez, Jose Romero, Jimena Rodriguez and Olivia Salgado. Back row, from left: Joseph Ponce, Anna Hoyle, Leanardo Medina, Itzel Ramirez, Ramses Perez and Halley Mion. Not pictured is Landon Carlson.

Second grade Bluejay Leaders were, front row from left: Levi Perry-Swanson, Dani Galindo, Zamiel Guerrero, Adamaris Rivas and Myles Mosher. Standing, from left: Edith Gomez, Aylin Lopez, Emily Stiles and Christopher Carillo. Noah Goodman is not pictured.

Chosen as Bluejay Leaders in March from the third grade were, front row from left: Cody Lee, Steven Gonzales, Brandon Lopez, Tristin Lear, Alexandra Rodriguez and Teresa Romero. Back row, from left: Aaron Calderon, Michael Alberto, Cora Alvarez, Byranna Wood, Andrea Goehring and Iliana Ledesma.

The 12 students selected from the fourth grade as Bluejay Leaders for March are, sitting, from left: Bridgitte Cabrera, Isaiah Peterson, Audrey Taggart, Christian Pavlica, Narciso Hidalgo and Yasmin Tapia-Garcia. Standing, from left: Ben Miller, Gloria Galan, Henry Kenyon, Florance Nshimirinama, Derrick Wood and Alexandra Aguilar.

Fifth grade Bluejay Leaders are, kneeling, from left: Xander Schmidt, Mia Munoz, Itzel Terrazas, Peyton Murphy and Zoe Hibbert. Standing, from left: Luis Cabezas-Lopez, Alexa Garcia, Andres Avila and Kathryn Whitver. Not pictured is Yusuf Mohammed.


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