Boil order issued for northern Perry neighborhood


The Perry Water Works has issued the following statement: Effective immediately, a precautionary boil water notice (PBWN) is in effect for Perry Water Works customers residing in the following areas:

North Street                                                      Winter Street

2101                                                                       1711

2103                                                                       1729


Water service to these residences was interrupted or affected due to a water main break on North Street.

Perry Water Works employees have made the water main repairs and have flushed the line within the affected area.

Although precautions were taken during the repairs, residents are advised that there is a possibility of discolored water or air or debris and harmful microbes in the waterlines.

As a precaution, residents are advised to boil water for one minutes at a rolling boil before using the water of drinking or cooking purposes.

Bacteriological sampling is underway to ensure that the water is again safe to consume. This advisory will be lifted as soon as possible.

If you experience discolored water or air and debris in your water, you are advised to flush the home’s plumbing by running water from all faucets for a few minutes until the water clears up.  The water should still be boiled before being used for drinking or cooking, even after it has been flushed.  If you experience low water pressure, notify the Water Department at 515-465-2562.


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