Bouton Haunted Church fundraiser a damned good time

A steady stream of thrill seekers entered the Bouton Haunted Church fundraiser Saturday night.

Bright moonlight fell on the Halloween Haunted Church fundraiser in Bouton Saturday night, where members of the Bouton and Perry firefighters associations scared the holy hell out of visitors. did not itself enter into the frightful inner sanctum, but the sounds emanating thence told us much of the pandemonium within. Where once angelic choirs hymned, sending up paeans to the heavenly host, now unholy screams of terror seemed to curdle the blood and raise up all the devils in Hades and Gehenna.

The holy hauntings will continue 204 Luther St. in Bouton. every Saturday night from 7-10 p.m. through Oct. 29. Admission is $5, and all proceeds support the local fire departments.


  1. It seems kind of wrong to bring part of pagan celebrations into a church. I guess most of our holidays are centered around pagan celebrations or important events. A good plan for conversion but to actually have it in a church almost seems ritualistic. Maybe we could have Easter in a synagogue.


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