Brown Dog not out of woods, but prognosis hopeful

Brown Dog's fate was uncertain when Lynn Daniels brought him to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Des Moines Thursday.

Brown Dog has a badly broken leg.

The intrepid Brown Dog, who touched the hearts of many in the Perry community Wednesday when he surrendered peacefully to local law enforcement, was thoroughly examined by a veterinarian Thursday for the first time in years.

The results were saddening but not hopeless.

Brown Dog’s most serious condition is the comminuted fracture of his rear left leg. X-rays showed the long bone in his leg broke in two places. Caregivers had noticed his limping within the last month.

“The cause is unknown,” the Raccoon River Pet Rescue (RRPR) said in a statement Friday, “but the location and extent of the fractures would suggest he was hit by a car.”

Sometimes man’s best friend does not have his friendship returned: Along with their motor vehicles, humans tried to kill Brown Dog with their guns.

“X-rays also indicate that Brown Dog was shot with a gun at some point in his life, as bullet/shotgun fragments were found imbedded in his body,” the RRPR statement said.

Non-human enemies have also harmed the sturdy Sheba Inu during his years on the streets. Tests showed that Brown Dog is heartworm positive, and he was also bearing ticks. Several broken and missing teeth were also found in his aged jaws.

Given the severity of his broken leg, Brown Dog was transferred Thursday to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Des Moines for further treatment.

“We expect to hear back from the surgeon this morning regarding his surgery, which will hopefully happen today,” the RRPR said. “Brown Dog may not have had the ‘hands-on’ care that most pets receive throughout their lifetime, but we are committed to offering him the best medical care available so that his final years can be lived in a home with the love and attention that he so deserves.”

Fifteen years is the average lifespan of a Sheba Inu, so Brown Dog has fully earned his retirement and well deserves some pampering for a change. His caregivers hope their compassion can overcome the contrary lessons about wolfish human nature that Brown Dog cruelly learned in youth.

“Brown Dog was mistreated in the past, and it sent him on a path that led him to believe that humans are to be feared and, at all cost, avoided,” his rescuers said. “However, that is all about to change for Brown Dog. Even in severe pain, this beautiful canine never growled or snapped at us. With time and patience, Brown Dog will understand that he is loved and cared for by many in our community.”

The cost of Brown Dog’s surgical care is expected to top $5,000.

“This is a huge expense for a small shelter such as ours, but Brown Dog is not just our dog. Brown Dog has an entire community pulling for him!” the RRPR said.

Readers wishing to contribute toward Brown Dog’s ongoing medical treatment should visit the Raccoon River Pet Rescue Facebook page and click on “Donate” or the Raccoon River Pet Rescue website and click on “Donate.”

“We will continue to update you on Brown Dog as things evolve,” the RRPR said. “Just know that we are doing everything in our power to see that Brown Dog not only survives this medical emergency but thrives!”


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