Brown Dog Update: Surgery a success; media mobs good boy

"I can has cheezburger?" the bright-eyed Mister Brown seemed to say on his homeward journey following Aug. 6 surgery.

Perry’s legendary Brown Dog made it through surgery Friday to set his broken leg.

The veterinarian said Brown Dog handled the anesthesia well, and a 12-hole plate that spans both breaks was implanted in his left hind leg.

Lynn Daniels was with Brown Dog when he woke up from the surgery and has rarely left his side since his capture.

Brown Dog was discharged from BluePearl Pet Hospital Saturday, and the journey home was punctuated by a stop at McDonald’s, where the patient was treated to two of his favorites: ice cream water and a cheeseburger.

Metro news crews avidly filmed the photogenic Brown Dog and his faithful companion.

Brown Dog is now resting comfortably in the quiet isolation room at Raccoon River Pet Rescue. Recuperation is expected to take three to four months for his serious injury.

Once Brown Dog’s condition is stable, he will start a regimen of heart-worm medicine. Daniels will take him to his new home when Brown Dog is ready.

Readers wishing to contribute toward Brown Dog’s ongoing medical treatment should visit the Raccoon River Pet Rescue Facebook page and click on “Donate” or the Raccoon River Pet Rescue website and click on “Donate.”


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