Calf kissed, face pied at St. Pat’s Children’s Day/Día del Niño

Silly Sally the Balloon Twisting Lady had something for everyone at Saturday's Children's Day/Día del Niño celebration at St. Patrick's School in Perry.

St. Patrick’s School hosted a celebration of Children’s Day Saturday at the school gymnasium.

Known in Spanish as Día del Niño, the event calls attention to the importance of children in society and helps to promote child welfare. Children’s Day is observed in many countries around the world.

“It’s been a great day with a great turnout,” said Ashley Pratt, one of the event’s organizers.

The day’s events were crowned with second-grade teacher Laurel Englum kissing a calf, P.E. teacher Ryan Henderson getting a pie in the face and kindergarten teacher Denise Kealhofer watching her fellow teachers so honored.

The calf was provided by Kevin Kilmer, with his wife Holly and sister Kelli Kilmer assisting.

Other activities included face-painting, an inflatable bounce house, a doughnut-eating contest, musical chairs, Mexican Bingo, pinatas and Silly Sally the Balloon Twister Lady, along with presentations sponsored by the Perry Public Library and the Blank Park Zoo.


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