Charges pending in Monday morning melee in Perry


Officers of the Perry Police Department responded about 3:15 a.m. Monday when a female caller said a man was assaulting women and possibly wielding a gun in the 300 block of Willis Avenue in Perry.

Details of the incident remain sketchy at this hour. The caller said a “male was attacking females,”¬†according to Det. Jerome Hill of the Perry Police Department.

Hill said the incident resulted in “some arrests” both of adults and juveniles.

“We should have more for you tomorrow regarding charges,” Hill said. “Juvenile stuff takes a little longer.”

Hill confirmed that “there was a weapon involved with the assault.” He said “some people did seek medical attention but nothing serious as far as I know.”

He said the Perry Police Department will issue a formal statement Tuesday.

“When we’re dealing with this many people, it just takes a while to do the paperwork,” Hill said. “I’m¬†just trying to give you what I can.”

At least three males were detained in handcuffs at the scene and questioned by police. Dallas County Deputy Sheriffs also responded to the incident.

At least one male was later brought to the offices of the Perry Police Department. will update this story as information becomes available.

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  1. One of the two in your pictures who is handcuffed is a minor, not an adult, who seems to being arrested. I believe since he is a minor his picture should not be up.


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