City issues storm notices Wednesday


Severe thunderstorms and extremely high winds are expected in the Perry area this afternoon and evening.  Communities in Dallas County came to an agreement regarding the criteria for warning sirens, and Perry now sounds the outdoor warning siren for tornado warnings or sightings AND for severe thunderstorms with 70 mile per hour (or greater) winds.

The sirens will sound every 15 minutes for the duration of the threat.  As always, there will NOT be an all-clear signal.

The National Weather Service recommends that people avoid being outside during the windstorm and the severe weather.  Remain in lower levels of your home, away from windows, if possible.  Take the time to secure objects, such as outdoor furniture, trash containers and holiday decorations, in yards, patios, roofs or balconies that could blow away and cause damage or injury.

It is possible that we might lose power, so make sure that flashlights have batteries and that phones are charged.  If the power does go out, do not use a gas stove or oven to heat your home and if using a generator, only use it outdoors and away from windows.

The Perry Public Library will close Wednesday at 4 p.m., and the McCreary Community Building will close at 4:30 p.m. City buildings might close earlier if weather conditions deteriorate.

Thursday garbage route residents: If possible, please do not put your container out for pickup today. Take it out for collection on Thursday morning prior to 7 a.m. The extremely high winds predicted for this afternoon and evening may blow the containers over and they may blow into the street and cause damage or be damaged by vehicles.

For more information, call the Perry City Hall at 515-465-2481.


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