City reminds Perry residents: Fireworks now banned in town

The Perry City Council voted in January to ban the use of consumer fireworks within the city limits of Perry.

The legal sale of fireworks in Iowa began June 1 and will end July 8. As a courtesy to residents, the city issued the following statement Friday in regard to the use of fireworks within the city limits:

It is illegal for any person to use or explode any explosive material or consumer fireworks within Perry city limits.

The City of Perry deems the use of consumer fireworks as a threat to public safety or a nuisance to landowners and therefore prohibits the use of consumer fireworks within Perry city limits, except for commercial displays by a licensed operator that have received a permit from the City of Perry.

The penalty for violation of this ordinance is a simple misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than two hundred and fifty dollars ($250). A municipal infraction of $250 may be issued in lieu of the simple misdemeanor violation.

For more information, call the Perry City Hall at 515-465-2481.

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  1. Sigh . . . Fireworks are illegal? Is this more of the old guard upset at the culture of Perry’s newer residents, to whom fireworks are a part of celebrations of all sorts? Perhaps we need our newer friends to run for city council to let us celebrate without the worry of a fine.

    • There are many more of us here in Perry opposed to fireworks than you think. The issue was brought up at city council meetings multiple times. There were at least three hearings. If you want the legal ability to annoy your neighbors, frighten our pets, befoul air quality and seriously disturb those with dementia and PTSD, run for city council or support those who would rescind said prohibition. Personally, I wouldn’t be against firecrackers and bottle rockets, but I am against the larger stuff. Finally, your insinuation of patent racism is vulgar and uncalled for. Methinks you’re seeking to start needless conflict. For that, you should be ashamed. It’s literally a cheap shot.

      • Cheap shot? So our new residents need to be quiet and not bring their culture to your town; I get it and do a lot of people. That is not a cheap shot but an observation that have been shared by quite a few people that do not feel entirely welcomed here. I do apologize if I have made you uncomfortable because you obviously do not like others to impact you and your self being in any manner and I am sorry that like fireworks my words have made you feel that way too.

        • Don’t just make un underhanded insinuation. If you have an accusation you’re making, spell it out clearly and connect the dots. Don’t be cryptic about it. Let there not be any doubt about what you’re saying. Don’t leave anything to interpretation. Spell it out.


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