Class of 2016 pulls early morning prank on PHS

Members of Perry's senior class filled the area outside the front doors of the school with balloons in the early morning hours Tuesday, then encased the doors and pillars with plastic wrap as part of their "senior prank."

A mess? Well, maybe a little one, but considering the fun in which it was intended, the “senior prank” from the Perry Class of 2016 was about as harmless as such acts come.

In the early morning hours of Tuesday — reliable reports suggest the staging began shortly after 2 a.m. — hundreds of inflated balloons were transported, via numerous vehicles, to the front doors of the Perry Senior High. Plastic wrap was used to seal the front doors after blue bows had been placed on the handles of both sets of double-doors.

The area under the canopy was then sealed with plastic wrap, trapping the balloons. Sources say as many as 1,000 had been initially intended and most of those 1,000 inflated, but nowhere near that number survived the trip to the school. Lamp posts also received the plastic wrap treatment.

The centerpiece of the prank was a large painted banner on which the class joked they should have been allowed to camp out overnight at The Rock on the northwest edge of the parking lot. Also mentioned was “the zoo” a reference to Tuesday’s field trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, which was limited to members of the junior class.

ShopKo had provided funds through an educational gift program for the trip, which the seniors felt should not have been granted to the Class of 2017.

“How could you not send the seniors?” a disgruntled ’16 member said. “The juniors? Are you kidding me? What have they ever done, in all their years as a class, to deserve this?”

Another senior, who also wished to remain anonymous, said the graduates-to-be would have been happier to see the trip given to the sophomore class.

“At least they are smarter than the animals they would be looking at,” the source quipped. “Heck, even the freshmen would have been better than the juniors.”

A bother to clean up? Certainly. But the seniors made sure no damage was done to the building or property.
A bother to clean up? Certainly. But the seniors made sure no damage was done.

The well-planned assault on the halls of education was in place long before nearly 100 members of the senior class assembled before sundown at an undisclosed location said to be property owned by the family of a graduate-to-be.

“It was amazing,” one person said. “We had so many people there. All the cliques, all the social groups — people who might always be nice to each other but never really hang out — we all came together. It was great. Everyone visited with everyone and we shared stories and jokes and just had a great time.” found those sentiments nearly unanimous after speaking with at least a dozen of the attendees at the camp out.

“This class is very close,” said one senior. “Last night showed that. Anyone who was there is going to remember it. It was a lot of fun and I would say almost the whole class was there for at least a bit.”

As for the prank?

“People always say ‘school sucks’ and how they can’t wait to get out of there, but we love our school,” another senior said. “We have Bluejay pride — no way were we going to do something to our own school. Only a junior would be that dumb.”

The Class of 2016 will graduate May 29 at 2 p.m. Monday was the last day of school for the seniors, who celebrated as seen above.
The Class of 2016 will graduate May 29 at 2 p.m. Monday was the last day of school for the seniors, who celebrated as seen above.


  1. Honestly, the quotes from the seniors just go to show how childish/immature they are and how unprepared the are for the real world. In the real world, people may get things you don’t think they deserve, but you can’t go around getting upset about it because in the end it is pointless. Also, the junior class did earn that trip because they had the highest Iowa Assessment test scores out of the whole school from last year’s testing, and not a single student in the grade was suspended, so, yes, they earned that trip.

  2. I spoke with more than a dozen seniors and interviewed several on guarantees of anonymity. The purpose was to be in contact with a representative sample of the senior class: boys, girls, whites, minorities. None bore any serious animosity toward the junior class. The comments were made in jest. I apologize if that was not made clearer.


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