Clearing starts at Woodward end of Let’s Connect trail project

Local wildlife was alert in March when clearing began westward from S Avenue for the eventual HTT-RRVT connector trail. Photo courtesy Robert Husmann

The westward view from S Avenue reveals the eventual path of the HTT-RRVT connector trail, where clering began this week. Photo courtesy Robert Husmann

Work began this week on Woodward’s west side on the second leg of the Let’s Connect trail linking the Raccoon River Valley Trail to the High Trestle Trail.

The first phase of the $5 million connector-trail project, completed in October 2018, comprised 1.5 miles of trail starting in Perry and working eastward to 130th Street. Phase two begins at the city limits of Woodward at S Avenue and moves westward one mile to R Avenue.

Phase three will continue building westward to Quinlan Avenue. Scheduling of the third and fourth construction phases will depend on federal and state recreational trail grant cycles and the pace of private and corporate donations.

Progress on the connector trail project proceeds only as fast as funding allows, according to Dallas County Conservation Board Director Mike Wallace. A $328,175 Federal Recreational Trail Grant announced in January brings fundraising for the Let’s Connect trail to within about 20% of the $5 million goal.

Wallace said private and corporate donations remain essential to completing the project, as these donationsĀ are used as matching dollars to leverage the major state and federal grants. Contributions of $1,000 or more are eligible to receive recognition on trailhead signs, he said.

To make a contribution to theĀ  Raccoon River Valley Trail to High Trestle Trail Connector project, visit the Dallas County Conservation Board website or contact Wallace at 515-465-3577.


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