Community rallies around local families suffering tragedy

Fundraising opportunities open to community


Community support is pouring out for the minor victims of Tuesday’s car wreck west of Dawson that claimed the lives of two little girls from Perry and injured five other children.

The Brown family of Perry lost two of their children in the accident, 5-year-old Claire Brown and 8-year-old Lindsay Brown, and two of their other children, 4-year-old Eli Brown and 11-year-old Katelyn Brown were injured.

Also injured in the rollover accident were 5-year-old Carter West of Dawson, 11-year-old Randie Seratt of Dawson and 16-year-old Micheal Marie Crane of Perry.

Megan Dinkla of Winterset posted the following message to Facebook Friday:

These are words from Ben Brown, a single father of 4 whose children were in a tragic car accident with their babysitter just 2 days ago . . .

“Today I lost two of my beautiful angels, Lindsay and Claire. I lost them as MY angels so that they could become God’s angels.”

His other children, Katelyn and Eli, are still healing (physically and emotionally). Ben is a volunteer firefighter in Perry, and works with a friend of mine that shared this information.

* Ben is requesting “cards of sunshine and hope” for Katelyn and Eli. If you’re able, please send them a card:

Katelyn and Eli Brown
1709 3rd St
Perry, IA 50220

Ben Brown is a member of the Perry Volunteer Fire Department, and Kim Laws, president of the Perry Firefighters Association, has set up an account at the Family Credit Union in Perry for donations for the Brown family. For more information, call Laws at 641-740-7877.

Jessica Halsted of Van Meter posted the following statement on Facebook April 29:

An unbelievable tragedy struck this wonderful family on Tuesday afternoon. Ben Brown’s 4 kids were involved in a car accident that day and he sadly lost 2 beautiful little girls, Claire (age 5) and Lindsay (age 8). While he is trying to grieve the loss of his 2 angels he is also at the hospital with his other 2 kids. Katelyn is 11 and trying to recover from multiple facial fractures and Eli is 4 and admitted with a head lac, fractures and a concussion. We continue to pray each day for the healing of Katelyn and Eli, and for Claire and Lindsay to be comforted by each other in heaven. I cant believe everything Ben and my cousin Jen have been through, and what is yet to come. If you would like to donate towards the family please let me know! There are so many expenses and so many missed days of work, I am hoping to be able to ease at least one thing for them! I have received permission from Jen and Ben to have donations sent to my Venmo acct or paypal and ALL the money will be given to them. I held their hands and cried with them at the hospital and now hope to bring some slight relief where I can. Venmo- @Jessica-Halsted. PayPal- use my phone number (PM me if you need it!)

Heather Ketelsen of Perry also posted on Facebook a call for donations for gift cards for the victims.

Ok Perry area people!! Let’s pull together for all these families who lost so much to this accident. Not only do we need to Wrap them all in prayers I want to collect some gift cards for restaurants in dsm area and some for when visiting hospital and home and gas cards to help out! If it’s easier Venmo me and I’ll just go buy some in bulk too! If you want donation to certain family involved just specify I’ll see they get it! Please pm me thank you!

Kimberly Angove-Seratt, mother of 11-year-old Randie Seratt of Dawson, who was injured in the accident, urged the community to support the Browns.

“The Brown family has lost so much and I can’t even imagine the feelings of despair the family is going through,” Angove-Seratt said. “I’m blessed my Randie is alive and she will recover. If people are asking if we need anything, please just ask them to pray for a speedy recovery for Randie but refer them to the Brown family.”

Kimberly Nicole Anderson, mother of 5-year-old Carter West of Dawson, another injury victim of Tuesday’s mishap, was also compassionate toward the other families involved.

“We were very blessed,” Anderson said, “and he made it out with only minor bruising and abrasions. We do not need any funding and wish that funding goes to the Brown family, Seratt family and Crane family.”

Angel Moore Crane of Perry, mother of 16-year-old Micheal Marie Crane, who was also injured in the accident, said she appreciates the thoughts and prayers of the community.


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