Conservative troubled by Hillary’s presumed innocence

Former U.S. Sen. and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been convicted in the Fox News court of public opinion.

The presidential election season came upon Iowa quite some time ago. It seems that the candidacy for president lasts nearly three years if you have a lame duck president in office. If you are a registered voter, for many months you have been receiving mailings from a deluge of candidates. You also hear from political organizations seeking your monetary contributions to lobby for causes dear to you and to fight the “evil” political party opposed to yours.

Anyone who is familiar with me knows that I lean toward a more conservative bent. But here I want to go over something that has bothered me for quite some time and should be of concern to everyone regardless of political affiliation. The topic is Hillary Clinton and the never-ending scandals associated with her.

Every so often we hear of a politician who gets caught doing something illegal. Some of them have ended up serving prison terms. It makes me wonder how many others are doing illegal or unethical things and not getting caught. It is kind of like college sports. A few get caught, and probably many others are successful in keeping it hidden. Who is to say how many of the other current presidential candidates may have skeletons hidden in their closets too?

Many scandals are associated with Hillary Clinton. Her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, has numerous scandals associated with him, too. Let us not forget that he was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. He was the first president in 130 years, since President Andrew Johnson, to be so. He was also disbarred.

hillary buttonThe scandals associated with Hillary Clinton that I remember are the cattle futures controversy, Whitewater, travelgate, Vince Foster, filegate, claiming to be under fire in Bosnia, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of questionable donations and most recently the email controversy.

The latter two scandals showed up only during the past few months of her campaign, and the email controversy seems to be very serious.

What bothers me is that despite scandal after scandal, Hillary Clinton goes about her business as if nothing has happened. She does not appear to be held accountable for any of her actions.

With all this baggage attached to her, I question how she can be the leading presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. In fact, with all of this associated with her, I question a society that would support her run for the presidency. People have lost their careers, reputations and credibility for lesser infraction allegations compared with the large number against Hillary Clinton.

She seems immune to everything.

Hillary for America is the name given to her campaign. I have heard about someone advertising products with the slogan Hillary for Prison 2016. I will be amazed if she survives the email scandal, but so far she has survived every other scandal.

At this time, I am not making any suggestions about whom you should support for the presidency. That is something you need to investigate and decide for yourself. But for me, with all of the scandals associated with her, how can Hillary Clinton be a viable candidate for President of the United States?


  1. The ironic part with the emails that she claimed were deleted is that Hillary was part of the impeachment prosecution team during Watergate with the Nixon tapes. Then Hillary claims to have deleted some 30,000 government-property emails she had as Secretary of State, clearly a violation of law according to documents she signed when she became Secretary of State. And few people see any legal and ethical problems with that behavior. Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves.

  2. Hello, Doug. Pat and I have known you for a long time, and I have to totally agree with you concerning Hillary Clinton. Sure does make one wonder how her and her husband keep getting by with all the illegal things they do. Guess it’s the state of our government. People need to know more and care more. That’s my opinion. Have a great day, Doug.

  3. All of the so called “scandals” were greatly embellished by the Republican Party. Not much substance was found in any “scandal.” Good examples are White Water and Benghazi. Millions of taxpayer dollars were spent trying to prove “something” against the Clintons, but nothing was found.

    • Finally, someone from Iowa that isn’t brain dead! Thank you for letting me know that there are some people in Iowa that aren’t blinded by Republican fertilizer. Look at the numbers, folks. Our country was its strongest during the Clinton (Bill) administration: taxes lower, unemployment the lowest in 100 years, least amount of federal debt. But yeah, he was the worst president ever because he had oral sex while in office.

    • So today the State Department released another 2,300 Hillary emails that escaped being deleted from the server that was at her home. 66 contain classified information. Where there is smoke, there is …..? I guess not! Why do we shoot the messenger and ignore the message? I don’t think the FBI has finished their investigation into the mishandling of classified materials yet. Will they be ignored too?

  4. I have been a big fan of, but I think posting political opinions is a big mistake. First of all, you are stirring up trouble between your readers of different parties, which is not good for a growing news feed. Secondly, you’re showing bias toward an individual running for office. Most people would prefer an unbiased news source. Otherwise, you could be considered a joke kinda like Fox News.

    • Thanks for reading, Mike. We’re grateful to readers like you who have made us the leading source of local news and information in the Perry area. Please be aware that opinions expressed in the Prairie Views section of reflect the views of the individual authors only and not necessarily the views of We welcome and will publish all views — if they are serious, respectful and not personally abusive — and we encourage readers to send letters to the editor or, as with Mr. Wood, an opinion column. This is surely the season for political opinions, if any is, and wishes to be an open forum for all contending ideas and opinions. Come one. Come all. If we ever find a few spare moments, we might even publish an editorial or two of our own, and that will be the “official” opinion of Thanks again.

    • A good dialog is needed between real people about national issues. In Doug’s letter, he only mentioned scandals promoted by the Republican Party, Fox News, and talk radio conservatives.

  5. Tweaking a statement from your opinion piece, “What bothers me is that despite blatant lie after blatant lie, Donald Trump goes about his business as if nothing has happened. He does not appear to be held accountable for any of his provocative lies.” In fact, he oftentimes seems to be rewarded. More critical analyses for all, I say! Check your sources–is it opinion and a PR campaign with an agenda or an actual factual story with credible sources? If your mom is in a scandal, chances are you feel differently about that scandal than a perfect stranger in the exact same scandal. My mom had a good reason for what she did, but that stranger is just pure evil (same behavior–it’s not the behavior influencing us so strongly as it is who did it). For friends, family and candidates we like, we can overlook the biggest flaws and yet make huge issues about the smallest things in people we dislike. And this is even assuming the behavior happened–many times it hasn’t and is pure fabrication, with the persons with the microphones knowing that our busy lives may keep us from challenging or questioning or doing more research around whatever it is they are shouting. Let’s try and apply the same standard to all. Let’s try and be critical receivers of news and question things we read or hear. Let’s challenge EVERY candidate and seek the truth. I’m not going out on much of a limb to predict that whoever is elected will be flawed. That makes it even more important for us to be vigilant citizens holding others accountable–politicians, CEOs, the media, etc.

  6. It amazes me how many comments that this editorial has produced. Just think that if someone with some importance and influence had written an opinion piece, the comments would be into the hundreds.

    I appreciate hearing what other people think about any topic. It is reassuring to hear from those who agree with you and enlightening to hear from those opposed to you. My longtime friend Ray is right. A lot of the news that I hear has a conservative slant to it.

    What amazes me more is that I have not seen or heard any political commentary in the local media about the many candidates running for president. The Iowa caucuses are less than a month away, and I have not seen or heard any opinions from anyone in Perry about any candidate. By this time four years ago, we had a deluge of political candidates come to Perry. All that I can think of for this season was Rick Perry, and he was here more for the Puppy Jake Foundation than running for president. In fact, the only political signs that I have seen are in Rudy Zagar’s yard and also the billboard on 141 promoting Ben Carson. I do see that Bernie Sanders is coming to Perry next week. Go and see him. Ask him about issues important to you.

    I think that forums like should be used for some political debate. It seems to me that no one in Perry has any opinions or is afraid to express them for fear that they might offend someone. People can express opposing opinions without hating each other. That is what makes the United States great. People in other countries give their lives in hopes of achieving the ability to express an opinion without reprisal. We have it and do not use it. We are too worried about looking bad. If you do not want to read political commentary, that is your right, too.

    I would like to hear others’ opinions about the candidates. Whom do you support and why? The Republican race is flat. I am no great fan of Donald Trump. He is entertaining, but I do not know if he is the right person for president. Who do you think that I should support? Could he beat the Democratic candidate?

    If you support Hillary Clinton, please state why this is. I would like to know why. Bernie Sanders could be interesting. Why would he be a good president?

    Laura is correct. We need to research and question our candidates all that we can. It is all that we sometimes have to make this all-important decision about who will be the leader of our great country.

    Doug Wood

  7. I have no objection to the article or any of its comments, but I do find the banner graphic with the red star patently offensive. Folks, the Clinton’s are not the least bit Marxist by any stretch of the imagination.

  8. No one should be above the law. Unfortunately, in America, our history proves otherwise. If I started to list examples, I wouldn’t know where to end, but I don’t recall many financial execs going to jail lately or ever. It shouldn’t be a different system for minorities vs. non-minorities, for the 1 percent vs. the 99 percent, or for Democrats vs. Republicans. I don’t recall much happening with the Iran-Contra crimes or the Iraq war on false info. or . . . the list goes on (on both sides of the aisle). Hold ALL accountable. Don’t just pick and choose. And make sure it’s FACTS and not a PR campaign. If we don’t like our daughter’s boyfriend, we might be on high alert for any flaw and overlook the total picture of the guy as not being too bad of an influence on our daughter. I’m not an advocate of letting criminal actions slide–just hold everyone to the same standards and the same consequences, not different rules for those we agree with and those we do not. Common ground vs. wedges.

  9. The Perry News has stated: “Please be aware that opinions expressed in the Prairie Views section of reflect the views of the individual authors only and not necessarily the views of”

    Were the graphics accompanying this article (especially the second “prison” graphic) chosen by Mr. Wood or The Perry News? These images push a political stance beyond the opinion of this “individual author.” It is your right to publish what you wish but disingenuous to claim the opinion as published is purely that of Mr. Wood.

    • Thank you for your comment, Mr. Romanowski, and for reading In this case, the “prison” graphic was indeed submitted by Mr. Wood as part of his column. editorial staff was responsible only for the column’s headline and the graphic art image figuring Hillary in front of a red star, which readers have since informed us borrows from the revolutionary graphic art style of the People’s Republic of China, a fact of which we were not previously aware and were not deliberately using to editorialize between the lines, as it were. Pure objectivity is not attainable by mere humans, but it is still an ideal worth striving toward, particularly when it comes to journalism. We trust our readers will treat us generously and always take the wish for the deed in matters of fairness and accuracy.

  10. I respectfully beg to differ with the opinion expressed by Wm. Romanowski. While I also have issues with the graphics, I do not jump to the same conclusion he does about the editorial staff.

    “It is your right to publish what you wish but disingenuous to claim the opinion as published is purely that of Mr. Wood.”

    Actually, the plain truth is there are many readers who do share the same opinion as Doug Wood. I am not one of them, and I am not convinced the editorial staff is either.

  11. It amazes me the amount of attention that this piece still draws. I am an insignificant nobody in the world, yet this editorial keeps going on. I am even more amazed that no one has any opinion about what candidate that they believe would make a good president. Un-involvement will ruin us.

    I did see a Ted Cruz sign the other day just west of Rudy’s house. I cannot tell what signs Rudy has in his yard right now. He used to have Bernie’s. I did also see a lot of Bernie Sanders signs on cars in Des Moines earlier today.

    I do not know Mr. Howard, Wagno, Mr. Kares, or Mr. Romanowski. All of the rest of you are friends of mine. It is good that we can discuss topics in our free country. I am sure that many others have opinions but are reluctant to express them to the public.

    I did submit the photograph of the button with the Hillary for Prison 2016 slogan. If you noticed in the story, I mentioned a company on the internet selling t-shirts, signs, mugs, buttons and other items with this slogan. I have not figured out who is behind these products. I heard these discussed on a conservative talk show. I should have included a description under the picture stating that items such as this are available on the internet. Left up to me, I would have used it as the header for the story with the description.

    As Mr. Caufield stated, they chose another header, and they know what draws the eye to an article. I had not seen it before this publication. The purpose of a header is to attract people to read the item. This picture certainly did the job, which is what an online publication such as needs. If they do not get views and financial support, they do not exist, and we have no free website to criticize.

    I did see Bernie Sanders when he was in Perry this Monday. I even taped it for Pegasus, and it will be running starting next week. I do not agree with his ideas, but it is interesting to hear what candidates think.

    Bernie Sanders will give Hillary Clinton a run for her money, and do not be surprised if he wins the Democratic nomination in Iowa.

    Does anyone have any opinion about who would be a good candidate?

    Doug Wood

  12. If Hillary Clinton is her party’s candidate, I will vote for her, or if it’s Bernie Sanders, I’ll vote for him, mainly because they are of the Democratic party.

    Like Lincoln, I believe all men are created equal. Republicans don’t. I believe in freedom of choice. Republicans don’t. I don’t believe war is the answer or is a way to solve disputes. Republicans do believe in war. I don’t hate Latinos, gays, blacks or non-Christians. Republicans do hate those people. I believe we should help the poor and the sick and the war-wounded. Republicans don’t. I believe all Americans should have access to health care. Republicans don’t. I believe rich people should be taxed at a higher rate than they are being taxed now. Republicans don’t. And I could never support a political party that thinks or thought Sarah Palin would make a good vice president or president.

    Although I don’t see eye to eye with Rand on many issues, he seems to be the only Republican candidate who isn’t a war-mongering hater, but of course he’s bringing up the rear of the Republican field.

    I wish Ray Harden was running for president.


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