Conspiracies aside, better safe than sorry with COVID-19 rules


Do other people experience great confusion regarding the COVID-19 virus? I work in health care, and I still do. Like everyone else, I have not seen such drastic actions taken for anything else in my several years of life.

I have worked for nearly 38 years in health care facilities, and I have seen many times when a facility was in isolation because of the flu. This usually lasted a couple of weeks. My theory is that the children of the staff give the flu to their parents, who then in turn give it to the residents. A circle of life.

Some people did pass away during these flu outbreaks but not massive numbers of people. Many of the people who died had other health conditions not even related to the flu that caused their demise. For others the flu was the last factor with people who also experienced other serious health issues. Most people got through okay.

I listen to the radio a lot, and I heard that around 61,000 people in the U.S. die each year from the flu. Many more across the world also die each year. I also heard that as of Feb. 24, people in Iowa had already died from the flu. For now four people have died from the COVID-19 virus. This is also a strain of the flu, apparently very virulent and contagious. The coronavirus has been around a long time, just not this variant.

I have not figured out if the low death rate so far is a result of the precautions taken or if the COVID-19 virus is not as bad as advertised. Time will tell with this.

Some of my co-workers think that these actions are part of a conspiracy. Several are on social media a lot and they state that with all of their family and friends across the country, no one knows of anyone who has the virus. These people have gotten progressively less vocal this week with their paranoid suspicions.

Others keep pointing out that it is an election year, or they say that this is a practice run so that the government can condition citizens to get used to this type of thing in order to impose martial law and a totalitarian dictatorship.

Democrats claim that President Trump cares more about his poll numbers than he does about the welfare of the American people and that he is trying to make himself dictator for life. Republicans claim that Democrats created this virus hoax to interfere with the elections and make President Trump look deceitful and incompetent.

On the radio, I hear from people who claim that this virus will spread within the next two weeks and millions of people will become infected. Hospitals will be overwhelmed and there will not be enough caretakers to take care of all the people. Equipment will not be available, and millions will die as a result.

Yesterday I heard a financial man on the radio saying there are 25,000 doctors who will graduate this year and an equal number next year. He said we need to start using them now. He also said there are 340,000 nurses set to graduate this year and also next year. He suggested graduating these people early to get them ready.

I do not know how much a financial person knows about training for doctors and nurses. I would be hesitant to put them in the work place until they completed the necessary requirements. We do not need several thousand improperly trained medical personnel working. That would be a disaster. Of course, if a big crisis does develop, it is recommend we use them for a temporary period.

This morning on the radio was a doctor from Iowa whose specialty is joint replacement. He believes that this is all overblown and out of control. He believes that it is no different than any other strain of flu. He states that many people will have it and not experience any symptoms.

At my work place and all the others in the nation, we are constantly receiving training about an outbreak of the novel coronavirus. I do not blame them for wanting us prepared if we experience an outbreak or if hospitals become full and need to transfer patients to health care facilities. Our challenges are getting enough masks, gowns, gloves and other supplies.

Unfortunately, many of these are made in China and when China shut down, so did the supplies. They are running now but with a four- to six-week delay in getting them.

I know things will be all right when there is toilet paper and feminine hygiene products in the stores. Why people must hoard these items I do not know. I suppose that when they get resupplied, everyone gets more because they are afraid of not having any, which makes others not have any. There is no manufacturing shortage in this area. Just demand.

Last week Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said on the radio that this week we should see a decline in the number of positive COVID-19 cases. We have seen more positive cases these past few weeks because the state is able to run more tests. There are now 336 positive with more than 5,000 negative. Again, who knows about people who either now have or recently had the virus and never knew?

From what I can tell, the grocery stores are well supplied with nearly everything. Bread supplies are better, which is a good sign. Grocery stores will make out well financially during this time.

Restaurants are hurting. Many are doing carryout only, which probably only equates to 5% of their usual business. Help them out when you can. The can redemption people are hurting. With bars and restaurants closed, they are losing out on most of their redemption business. Many other people have lost their jobs completely.

Churches are hurting. Please make sure to send them your regular offering. I dropped mine off the other day in the office. Bills still come in, and wages need to be paid.

What do others think? I am surprised that others have not used this forum to discuss this. Maybe everyone is on social media.


    • There is a byline directly following the headline of every story in This opinion piece was penned by Doug Wood, longtime volunteer programmer at Perry’s local access cable channel, Pegasus TV, and a nursing home administrator in Polk City. We cannot speak further to his medical training.

  1. Please, everyone, rely on the president and his team. Stop with the “the flu is worse” nonsense. Go to the CDC website and read. Do not “listen to the radio” and take everything that the journalist is telling you as fact. Remember the old joke? He enrolled in journalism school because he flunked out of everything else and does not want to teach. Journalists have no medical training and have problems understanding pill bottle instructions. Listen to the CDC not CNN.

  2. People sure get upset when the suggestion we listen to the CDC is made. They even question the medical qualifications of someone doing that, as if that means something. Thank you, Doug Wood, for your article.


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