County workers thanked for public service Tuesday

Celebrating their Secondary Roads Department service Tuesday were, from left, Dallas County Engineer Al Miller, 25-year employee Rick Wagers, 10-year worker Jamie Zika, 20-year employee Randy Faux, Assistant County Engineer Andy Case and Assistant Maintenance Superintendent Jeff Ockerman.

Fourteen employees of Dallas County were honored Tuesday morning for their length of service to residents of the county by receiving certificates of appreciation from the Dallas County Board of Supervisors.

Thanked for five years of public service were Eric Connor in the IS Department, Taylor Hawk in the Sheriff’s office, Jay Livingston and Summer Portzen in the Assessor’s office, Anthony Marden in the Secondary Roads Department, Cheryl McArdle in the Treasurer’s office and Amy Vande Voort in the County Attorney’s office.

Thanked for their service were 10-year veterans Cindy Blobaum of the Conservation Department, Jody Davis in the Sheriff’s office, Brandon Tews in the Community Services Department and James Zika in the Secondary Roads Department.

Twenty-year employees Randy Faux of the Secondary Roads Department and Rhonda Shoafstall of the Public Health Department were thanked for their service.

Rick Wagers of the Secondary Roads Department was recognized for 25 years of service to the residents of Dallas County.


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