Dallas Center house fire prompts three-department response


Volunteer fire departments from Dallas Center, Adel and Minburn responded to a house fire at 301 Percival Ave. in Dallas Center Wednesday about 4 p.m.

The cause of the fire in the four-bedroom house owned by James and Christine Dove is under investigation.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s office and the Dallas County EMS also responded to the scene.

“You could see smoke coming out the top,” said Jesse Lindesey, 8, of Des Moines. Lindesey and his friend, Anthony Ramirez, 8, of Dallas Center, were greeted by the firefighters, who quickly controlled the blaze in the 137-year-old structure.


  1. Hey, ThePerryNews.com — I’m hoping that when one of your houses burns down, there’s some little kids giving the thumbs up, too. It’s MY house and MY life that just went up in smoke. How about you show some compassion for me and my kids who are homeless now and not post photos of some brainless children who you encouraged to show how fun it is to see other people suffer?

  2. This article is completely false. That was my home, and I even went up to the person taking these photos and asked him to stop and even let him know how incredibly insensitive it was. Not only that, but he lied to me, saying he was documenting these photos for the fire department, not ThePerryNews. This was published faster than the fire was even out, and I cannot describe how disgusting the neighborhood was. Whatever money that went into Mr. Steilen’s pocket for these photos will gladly be taken back out because I’m not even half-tempted to let this slide.

    • Please accept our condolence on the loss of your property. We do not know whom you spoke with at the scene of the fire, but it was not to ThePerryNews.com. We interacted briefly with two 8-year-olds but with no one else at the scene. Members of fire departments do often take pictures at the scenes of fires, and the pictures are later used for training purposes. Perhaps this is the person you spoke with. Again, we regret your loss.

  3. I shot video for the Doves for James. In case he needed it. I was very disappointed in the interviews of 8-year-old children. The homeowners lost everything. They need prayers and empathy. Shame on you.


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