Dallas County Foundation board tours remodeled MCB

Perry Parks and Recreation Director John Anderson, standing left, and Assistant Director Becky Halling, standing right, welcomed to the MCB Monday the DCF Board of Directors, clockwise from front, DCF Development Director Suzanne Talley, DCF President Lynn Ubben, Diane Findlay, Jeff Harder, John Gilliland, DCF Treasurer Butch Niebuhr, Chris Brocka, Carol Hill, Megan Cline and Vicki Lage.

The Dallas County Foundation (DCF), in association with the Grow Greene County Gaming Corp., awarded grants worth some $109,000 to 19 nonprofit groups in Dallas County in the 2021 granting cycle.

In the 2020 cycle, the McCreary Community Building (MCB) in Perry received a $20,000 DCF grant, and the DCF Board of Directors toured the MCB Monday afternoon in order to see the improvements their generosity made possible.

Perry Parks and Recreation Director John Anderson and Assistant Director Becky Halling welcome the board of directors, including DCF President Lynn Ubben, Treasurer Butch Niebuhr, Directors Chris Brocka, Megan Cline, Diane Findlay, John Gilliland, Jeff Harder, Carol Hill and Vicki Lage and DCF Development Director Suzanne Talley.

Anderson and Halling briefly outlined the project prior to the tour, sharing stories by turns hilarious and hair-raising about the yearlong $1.7 million remodeling of the 35-year-old MCB.

The DCF members were impressed by the engineering involved in converting the former MCB auditorium into a cardio workout room, but they also praised the resurfaced gymnasium floor, the addition of a family restroom and child watch room, the remodeled studios, locker rooms, kitchen and restrooms and the numerous other changes.

Ongoing improvements were also noted on the tour, such as the replacement of the men’s and women’s lockers, which have served Perry’s recreational needs for 35 years and are now giving way to more secure and up to date lockers.

Since its inception in 2005, the DCF has awarded more than $1,565,845 to some 270 projects in Dallas County, such as the MCB project. These grant dollars have been used to enhance large and small community organizations throughout the county.

The DCF gave out $73,621.11 in 2021 community-betterment grants, and the Grow Greene County Funds Gaming Corp. added an additional $35,000 in grant funds, bring the 2021 total to $108,971.11. The Dallas County Foundation is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines. For more information, visit the DCF website.


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