Dawson couple ticketed for starving three dogs to death

Jason Krull, left, and Bonnie Krull of 308 E. Third St. in Dawson were issued citations Tuesday for animal neglect in connection with the starvation death of three dogs reported Nov. 19.

A Dawson couple was ticketed New Year’s Eve in connection with the starvation deaths in November of three dogs in their care.

Jason Krull, 35, of 308 E. Third St. in Dawson and Bonnie Kay Mundt Krull, 32, of 308 E. Third St., Dawson, were each issued citations for animal neglect-no death or serious injury.

Mundt Krull reported her discover of the dead dogs to the Dallas County Sheriff’s office on the morning of Nov. 19.

An investigation ensued by the Dallas County Sheriff’s office, and the dogs — a husky, a pit bull and an Australian shepherd-beagle mix — were found to be “extremely skinny, and none of them had access to clean water,” according to court records.

Dr. Michael Rahe, clinical assistant professor in the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Iowa State University, performed an autopsy on the Australian shepherd.

According to court records, “The autopsy showed the dog was in emaciated body condition score of 1 out of 9,” and the “dog’s likely cause of death was determined to be from bleeding ulcers caused by the dog ingesting plastic shards.”

Rahe “commented on the lack of fat” on the Australian shepherd he examined in the lab and on the pit bull he saw in a photograph. The sheriff’s investigation similarly “determined that the husky was in its current state due to lack of sufficient quantity of food,” according to court records.

The Krulls are scheduled to appear Jan. 28 in Dallas County District Court.

Dawson was the scene in March 2019 of the discovery of two dogs that had been shot, stuffed in trash bags and thrown in the Raccoon River. That case remains unsolved.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


  1. Prosecute these two evil people to the fullest because they are not to be living on earth with the way they treat animals, leading to the same to any living being. If they do get out of this, it shows what a sad, demented world we live in, and America is not that great to any human thing for love and compassion.

  2. How can you receive a ticket for “animal neglect-no death or serious injury ” when the animals starved to death? If this is indeed the case, then the Dallas County Sheriff’s office needs to be bombarded with outrage from the community and take a good hard look at how it handles such cases.

  3. Classy folks. Nothing can help these pups now sans a good, strong punishment by the courts, but in the end . . . Karma. This was a deliberate act and not an accident.

  4. Sickens me….helpless animals…they need to be prosecuted to the fullest. Iowa “NEEDS” to make laws with harsher punishments.


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