DC-G, Perry student leaders meet in spirit of friendship, sportsmanship

From left: Josh Kiner (DC-G) Sarah Sweet (PRY), Devin Archer (PRY), Shelly Freestone (DC-G), Alicia Calderon (PRY), Kevin Lopez (PRY), Mariah McNamara (PRY), Connor Nielsen (PRY), Austin Kloewer (DC-G), Alexis Garrido (PRY), Brooke Huntington (PRY), Grace Marburger (PRY), Sonya Horwood (DC-G).

A selection of DC-G student leaders visited with their Perry counterparts today at PHS to discuss the actions at Monday’s boys basketball game between the two schools and to dispel any negative feelings.

PHS principal Dan Marburger said the meeting was cordial and productive and that the two groups, speaking for their respective schools, had reached an understanding about the incident. Both groups insisted the issue was now put behind them and agreed to move forward in a spirit of friendly competitiveness.


  1. As a Perry grad and a parent of a DC-G student, I am proud to see the way these students reached out to each other. It was interesting to even hear a shout out on NPR this morning. These kids let me know that they will step up when they need to.


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