December Bluejay Leaders named by Perry Elementary

Standing in the front row of the December Bluejay Leaders at Perry Elementary from the third grade are Carolina Medina, Betel Hadish and Brandon Reyes. In the middle row are Brayden Kempf-Jones, Noah Kezar, Jeiliza Puente-Cruz and Andrew Colon, with Brittany Medina, Josh Sanchez and Abraham Hernandez in the top row. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary.

Bluejay Leaders for the month of December were recently named at Perry Elementary. Honorees are selected by teachers for displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors at school.

The fourth graders chosen as December Bluejay Leaders pose for a photo. In front are David Mendez, Carson Myers and Rihanna Mendoza, with Jillian Chapman, Lenyn Walton, Eli McGill and Kadence Schwabland in the middle row while Caleb Casebolt and Yumba Kalala are at top. Not pictured is Pablo Banes-Fuentes.

Adelyn Ross, Cameron Lauer and Melissa Reyes stand in the front row of the fifth grade Bluejay Leaders. In the middle row are Steve Escalante, Maybeline Flores-Jimenez, Chloe Butler and TJ Fickbohm while Alanis Twogood, Guthrie Wilson and Keyri Coreas-Zelaya are in the back row.

Smiling in the transitional and traditional kindergarten Bluejay Leader photo are, first row, Hadlee Rokes, Cecilia Hernandez, Joxiel Rosada and Azariah Vanover. Emma Sellers, Brenna Wolken, Emmalee Morman and Isaiah Vetter stand in row two, with Emma Jacobson, Alberto Garcia, Eri Saldivar-Galvez, Emely Ramirez and Kyzer Baker in row three. Not pictured is Bayne Peterson.A dozen first graders were named December Bluejay Leaders. In the front row are Penny Paulson, Kevin Cojon, Chase Ward and Bennett Mertz, with Jack Andrews, Ahryn Cohea, Tereas Armenta and Ariana Hernadez in the middle row. Standing at rear are Vanessa Chivalan, Hismarly Martinez, Katie Forbes and Blessing Say.

December Bluejay Leaders from grade two step out of class for a photo opportunity. Standing in front are Serenity Edler, Leslie Cerna and Grace Lawson, with Antonio AMaya, Camila Cruz, Andres Silvestre and Bella Sellers in the second row while Jordyn Sass, Norman Perez and Halle Kilts are in the back row. Not pictured is Mauricio Cerna.

All photos courtesy Perry Elementary, with all names appearing as submitted.


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