December list of Bluejay Leaders announced at Perry Elementary

Perry Elementary second grade students chosen as Bluejay Leaders for December pose with their certificates. Yahaira Lemus, Lukas Mundt, Mili Ramirez, and Jabdiel Menendez-Barrios stand in the front row, with Jonas Stemsrud, Yendy Morales-Ramos, Zemarie Ortiz, and Alana Mintun in the second row. At back are Priscilia Garcia-Soriano, Sarah Ward, Alex Cardona-Espinoza, and Sofia Diaz-Cardenas. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary School.

The Bluejay Leaders for the month of December were recently announced by the staff at Perry Elementary School. Students selected are chosen by their teachers for displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors at school.

First grade Bluejay Leaders step out of class for a group photo. The front row includes Jessica Aguilar-Torrez, Connor James, Augusto Tobar-Diaz, and Freddie Martinez, with Jordyn Sass, McKenzie Martinez, Duncan Rokes, and Solomie Gebresslasie in the middle row. Standing at back are Dylan Flowers, Alexander Funes-Salgado, and Jhazleen Tobar. Not pictured are Thalia Cornejo and Taylyn Conrad.

A proud group of kindergarten students pose with the Bluejay Leader certificates they earned in December. Emma Jacobson, Kellen Hardy, Lexi Phillips, and Aliveah Armstrong are in the front row, Antonio Cota-Cruz, Paisley Graham, Jorge Diaz, and Meghan Ratliff stand in the middle row, and Sidney Bushbaum, Dallas Britt, Tirsa Reyes, and Collin Cords are at rear. Rylan Dunsmoor is not pictured.

Lucas Gray and Dayami Mineros stand in the front row of the fifth grade Bluejay Leaders group photo. Brock Rowe, Dominick Flores-Jimenez, and Jadelyn Hoffman are in the middle row, with Jude Start, Mason Hayes, and Heaven Johnson in the back row. Not pictured are Ayden Hernandez, Samrawit Tewelde, and Ivan Willett.

December Bluejay Leaders from the fourth grade stand for a photo. In the first row are Irma Castillo, Nicholas Quigley, and Tristan Mintun. Kiya Waterhouse, Joey Maylum, and Ayleen Tamez are in the second row, while Steve Escalante, Melissa Reyes, Amirra Alvarez, and Gauge Freeman stand in row three.

Bluejay Leaders from the third grade for the month of December take a study break for a photo. Pablo Banales-Fuentes, Angela Guillen, Million Tewelde, and Rebecca Diaz-Cardenas stand in the front row, with Jackson Brocka, David Mendez, and Bella Loera in the middle row while Lillian Lucht, Jayse Whelchel, and Jackson Sass stand in the back row.

All photos courtesy Perry Elementary School. Names appear as submitted.


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