Dexter Roundhouse centennial to be celebrated Aug. 6

The Dexter Roundhouse, once the center of a bustling town with 70 stores and a dozen gas stations, will fill to capacity with people eager to hear of tales of the Roundhouse at the Dexter Community House Centennial celebration Aug. 6.

The Dexter Community House has stood the test of time and will celebrate its 100th birthday Saturday, Aug. 6 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.¬†All “wanna be” history detectives and the curious public are invited to attend and learn why the building was needed and the identity of those responsible for its construction.

Many will recognize family surnames and be acquainted with their descendants.

The building, with its expansive dome ceiling, is a tribute to the engineering skills of Matthew Leander King. Attendees will learn why the building resembles the red brick barns of the early 1900s and why the seemingly unsupported dome ceiling has still not collapsed despite dire predictions.

The many events held in the building over the years will be revealed with special recognition awarded to the memory of donor Lillian Aldrich and Ruth Sellers, longtime music educator and organizer of musical events.

Host Byron Martin will invite the audience to share memories as the afternoon unfolds.

Did you ever dance and wind the Maypole? Maybe you were a star player on the basketball team or just went to gym class there. Were you a cast member in one of the drama productions or worked on the crew behind-the-scenes? Perhaps you attended Scout, 4-H or other meetings and events here over the years. You might even have gotten your first real kiss out back of the Roundhouse.

If you would like to share your Roundhouse memories with others, including stories passed down from ancestors, and hear other memories about the Dexter Community House, please come and join in as we celebrate the Centennial of Dexter’s landmark Roundhouse.

A freewill-donation sack lunch will be available at noon, and everyone will enjoy a slice of Centennial Cake to usher in the new century of the Dexter Roundhouse.

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