DMACC encouraging students to vaccinate before fall term


With the Delta variant of COVID-19 worsening, DMACC is offering an incentive to students to encourage them to get their vaccine as soon as possible.

Funded by the federal American Rescue Plan’s Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, DMACC will randomly select six students, one from each campus, to receive $1,000 in prizes if they show proof of full vaccination.

DMACC is not requiring masks or vaccinations but is strongly recommending them.

“We know that the vaccination will prevent serious consequences well over 90% of the time,” DMACC President Rob Denson said in encouraging students to get vaccinated. “We want our campuses and classrooms to be safe environments for our students and faculty. This drawing is both a reminder and motivation for students to get their shot. It’s the right thing to do.”

Denson said private companies are increasingly requiring their workers to be vaccinated, so DMACC students can put themselves at a hiring advantage by getting the shots.

“We are also seeing that more and more leading businesses are requiring vaccination of their employees,” he said. “These companies may hire DMACC students in the near future. We want them to be both healthy and prepared for the workplace.”

DMACC fall classes begin Wednesday, Aug. 25. DMACC will announce the winners of the drawing in early October. Students will learn more about how to enter the drawing after classes begin.

Dan Ivis is the media liaison for the Des Moines Area Community College.


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