DNR investigates twin manure spills near Winterset


WINTERSET, Iowa — A spill at a hog confinement four miles west of Winterset Wednesday brought field staff of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to the scene to investigate, where they discovered a second spill.

The site owners, Waldo Farms of Nebraska, reported a release due to a plugged pipeline, according to the DNR, which said the spill was stopped and did not reach a creek.

During their investigation, DNR field staff discovered a second, ongoing manure spill from a closed hog confinement. Manure storage at the closed facility was full, causing a small amount of manure-laden waters to overflow into a Cedar Creek tributary.

DNR’s field tests showed elevated ammonia levels in the tributary but normal levels downstream in Cedar Creek.

The DNR said it will require the owner to stop the release, and the state agency will continue to monitor the cleanup and consider appropriate enforcement action.


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