Doug Wood reviews highlights of autumn church dinners

The heaven of a turkey dinner with all the fixings awaits the patient and pious at harvest church dinners.

Greetings, fellow eating enthusiasts. Here is a run down of dinners that I have attended in October 2019. This computer that I am using at Pegasus has slowed this story down by at least an hour. We did get a Bock Grant to help update these. This Windows 7 is not good.

The month started with a triple header Oct. 5, beginning with the Bouton Breakfast in the morning. They always have a good breakfast and serve about 200 people. It has been some time since they stated what they are using the money for. I know that they have used funds for various items to improve the community, such as a Veterans Memorial.

For lunch Dan and I went to the Booneville United Methodist Church in Booneville. Each year they have a fall chicken and noodle dinner. They only have a limited number of servings, so you must get there early. One year we were late, and they had run out. I missed their ice cream social earlier in the year. Like most churches, they use funds for church improvements and missions. About 200 people attend this meal each year.

That evening was the Washington Township pork loin dinner. They always have excellent meals. Funds are raised for the upkeep of the school. There is a loyal following for this school, which holds fond memories for many. I forgot about the Legion dinner held there the next week.

Oct. 6 took us to the Christian Church in Guthrie Center for their ham ball dinner. This is usually held during the same time as the St. Cecilia dinner in Panora. I called the church earlier to see if there was a dinner. I never did get an answer but found out from an area convenience store that the dinner was the following week.

I had the same problem in getting the Lutheran Church in Guthire Center to call me back. I left three telephone messages and sent questions to two email address that they had listed and never did find out if they had a dinner.

Since the Christian Church in Guthrie Center was the next week, I went to the St. Cecilia Staley’s chicken dinner in Panora. I had never attended this before. I could not believe the largeness of the crowd. We got through line pretty well even though they had a little trouble keeping up with the production of chicken. I also got a chicken dinner to go for Jeff Webster.

You will notice in my pictures the back of the head of a little boy. It seemed that as long as my camera was out, no matter where I pointed it, his head was in the shot. Just like a magnet. Once my camera was turned off, the magnet stopped. I am sure that funds are used for the church and missions. There were a lot of people and take-outs, so I am sure that they did well.

That evening I went to the Marion Street United Methodist Church in Boone. They had a soup dinner. They always have a lot of different types of soups. I had chili and a very thick chicken noodle soup. Both were very good. The event raises money for fellowship, church needs and missions.

On Oct. 9 I attended the Perry Heartland Church of Christ free community dinner. Chili and cornbread were the main course. I did visit with several people. The meal is meant just for fellowship.

I went over to Polk City Oct. 12 to attend the Fire Department breakfast. Eggs, pancakes, biscuits and gray and sausage were served, with funds going toward equipment improvements.

After church the next day, I went to the Guthrie Center Christian Church ham ball dinner. This is a big event with a lot of attendees and is put on by the Christian Women’s Fellowship although several men were working, too. I asked if anyone knew when this event started, and no one could tell me. Funds go mainly to missions but also for church needs. At these small towns you see people of all ages working at these dinners, which means that they should continue for years to come.

That evening I attended the Grimes Presbyterian Church fall dinner in Grimes. This is another large event with a lot of people attending. The menu is turkey and the rest of a Thanksgiving dinner. Funds are raised for the church and missions.

Oct. 14 was Columbus Day and the annual Bagley United Methodist Church chicken and noodle dinner, a small-town event. They used to put a chalk board in the middle of the street advertising this event. They have not done this for a while. Funds are for the church and missions.

On Wednesday, Oct. 16 I attended the Guthrie Center UMC pork loin dinner. There was also a dinner at the Jefferson VFW, and the Wiota UMC had a biscuit and gravy dinner that they have held for over 60 years. I could only get to Guthrie Center and arrived late at that because I had to stay late for work. This pork loin is one of the best things that I have ever tasted. Funds raised was for missions and church needs.

I attended the Linden UMC Salisbury steak dinner Oct. 17 put on by the Linden Sunset Circle Women. They used call it Hunter’s steak in the past. The meal is always good, and a lot of workers were seen at this event. Funds raised are for the church and missions.

Dan and I went to the Elkhart Christian Church dinner Oct. 19 in Elkhart. We had never been there before. They had Salisbury Steak and minute steak. I had the Salisbury, if memory proves right. They also had a bake sale at which I bought some very good kringle. The Elkhart meal is a big event that raises money for the church and missions. Elkhart is southeast of Polk City, a nice little town with a lot of building going on. They have not cashed my check that I gave them.

We also saw a sign for the Sheldahl UMC chicken and noodle dinner near by in Sheldahl. We did not have enough time to get to this, too. Dan had to get back to take his grandkids to Burger King.

That evening Dan and I attended the Trinity Lutheran Church in Perry for their dinner. This was a very good chicken and noodle Dinner. Funds went for the church and various missions. My check to them is still out.

On the evening of Oct. 20, I attended the brisket dinner at the New Hope United Methodist Church in Des Moines. This was a very large event held in a new large church. I was seated with a lot of nice people. Many were retired and had moved to the area for retirement. The dinner was great, but I did not attend the auction.

Oct. 26 brought two more chicken noodle dinners in the area. I first attended the De Soto UMC chicken and noodle dinner, and then I attended the Minburn UMC chicken and noodle dinner. Both raised funds for church projects and missions. I was filled up by the time I finished with Minburn.

I forgot about the Woodward Fire Department soup dinner on Oct. 26. I did send in a donation.

There were other dinners that I did not get to. One was All Saints Catholic Church. There are more dinner adventures to come.


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