Driver dies in fiery crash at Davenport airport Saturday

A jet fuel fire was ignited at the Davenport Municipal Airport Saturday morning when a tan was struck by a motorist trying to flee the Iowa State Patrol. The driver was killed in the incident. Source: File photo

The Davenport Municipal Airport lies west of U.S. Highway 61 on the north side of Davenport.

A reckless driver, seeking to elude the Iowa State Patrol (ISP), died in a fiery crash Saturday morning at the Davenport airport by crashing into a jet fuel tank with a 2004 Ford Taurus.[wpedon id=”85410″ align=”left”]

According to an ISP crash report released Saturday afternoon, a trooper “initiated contact with a reckless driver” about 7:15 a.m., but the driver “refused to yield and crashed through the gates of the Davenport Municipal Airport.”

The driver of the passenger car then “accelerated and crashed into an aviation fuel container, which caused a large fire,” according to the report. The Davenport Municipal Airport lies on the north side of city.

The identity of the deceased driver has not been released, and the accident is under investigation at this hour.[wpedon id=”85410″ align=”left”]

Multiple agencies responded to the incident, according to the ISP. will update this story as information becomes available.


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