Employee of year, volunteer of year honored at DCH dinner

Lenny Soto, left, was named Dallas County Hospital Volunteer of the Year and Jann Haglan was named Dallas County Hospital Employee of the Year at the hospital's annual celebration in November.

Dallas County Hospital’s employee of the year and volunteer of the year were recently honored at the hospital’s annual employee holiday celebration at the Hotel Pattee in Perry.

Jann Haglan was named employee of the year. He works in the clinical informatics department and was recognized “for displaying respect and excellence” in his position. Haglan was also named employee of the quarter earlier in 2015.

“Electronic health records have changed the way hospitals run on a daily basis,” said Donna Vanderhaar, chief clinical officer at the DCH. “As Dallas County Hospital’s clinical electronic health record expert, Jann is a valuable resource to all of the physicians and nurses who use the documentation software every day. He takes time to explain to them how to complete tasks and walks them through the process. Whenever there is an issue, Jann will come to the rescue, even if it is during his time off.”

Lenny Soto was chosen volunteer of the year for her work in the Patient Access department. Soto was the public face of the DCH at nearly half of the hospital’s 2015 events, including first-aid booths, parades and the Perry High School concession stand.

“Lenny brings a positive attitude to her volunteering as well as her daily work responsibilities,” Vanderhaar said. “Lenny will even adjust her personal schedule to ensure that she can volunteer at a particular event. Lenny positively represents DCH in all that she does.”

Haglan and Soto received their awards at the 2015 Annual Employee Holiday Celebration.


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