Even lawyers, judge, jury found guilty in ‘Trial of Goldilocks’


Was the defendant a sweet, innocent young lady caught in an unfortunate circumstance or a spoiled little golden-haired brat?

Were the three plaintiffs the recipients of intentional malicious behavior or a family of furry, carnivorous degenerates?

After 40 splendid minutes, the questions still remain along with the memories of a delightful night in the courtroom at the Carnegie Library Museum as this weekend the players of the Perry Community Theater (PCT) presented their rendition of “The Trial of Goldilocks” under the direction of Merrilee Bales and Sierra Coleman.

The plot of this one-act wonder revolved around the famous tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the little known trial that followed. The lawyers for each party presented three different scenarios, with the unanimous verdict of Bravo! for the cast and crew.

On behalf of the audience of the four performances, thank you, PCT, for an enjoyable hometown summer night.

Like the Fates or Norns of old, the three Venders in “The Trial of Goldilocks,” from left, Sierra Coleman, Elana Zahn and Courtney Straker, open the play by peddling the orts, scraps and fragments of the fairy-tale truth to the audience, by this perhaps suggesting that truth, insofar as it can be ascertained at all by humans, must always be partial and incomplete.


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