Every Dallas County school district lands Nu Alpha Gamma grant

Fourth grade teacher Cathy Lewis and her students at the Dexter Elementary School in the West Central Valley Community School District will enjoy $125 worth of books thanks to the Nu Alpha Gamma chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma's annual literay enhancement grants. Photo courtesy Nu Alpha Gamma chapter

The Nu Alpha Gamma chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society reached a milestone in January in awarding their 2018-2019 Literacy Grants.

With the awarding of $125 to Cathy Lewis, fourth grade teacher at Dexter Elementary in West Central Valley School District, they officially provided money to an educator in every school district in Dallas County.

The Nu Alpha Gamma chapter has been making grants available to further literacy in classrooms in Dallas County since 2010. Another $125 was awarded to Andrea Harbaugh, sixth grade language arts teacher at South Middle School in the Waukee district.

Both Lewis and Harbaugh will use their grants to purchase books to use in their classrooms.

Other grant recipients of $30 were Tara McCaffery, special education teacher at Woodward Granger Elementary School; Sara Huston, seventh grade literacy teacher at Adel-De Soto-Minburn Middle School; Kathy Morrow, kindergarten teacher at North Ridge Elementary in the Dallas Center-Grimes District; Sally Brown, eighth and ninth grade language arts teacher at Dallas Center-Grimes; and the team of Molly Sorenson, Mindy Greiman and Heidi Borton, second grade teachers at South Prairie Elementary in the Dallas Center-Grimes District.

A total of $400 was awarded countywide in the 2018-2019 granting cycle.

Each year the members of the Nu Alpha Gamma chapter reach out to teachers in all the schools in Dallas County with the offer to help them enhance literacy in their classrooms. Nu Alpha Gamma is proud to be able to help in this way.

The Nu Alpha Gamma Chapter is composed of current and retired women educators from Dallas County who are dedicated to enhancing education.


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