Fans don’t let fans drive drunk for Super Bowl LVII


DES MOINES, Iowa – In order to keep motorists safe during Super Bowl LVII, the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau (GTSB) is teaming up with Iowa law enforcement to remind football enthusiasts that Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.

If you plan to drink alcohol during the big game, plan for a sober ride home. If you’re hosting a party, take care of your guests.

In 2021 more than 13,700 drivers were arrested for OWI in Iowa. The average cost of an OWI is $5,000, including fines, fees and insurance increases. The average cost of a Super Bowl ticket is $5,000. Pick the winning ticket!

“Our mission is to reduce deaths and serious injuries on Iowa’s Roadways,” said GTSB Bureau Chief Brett Tjepkes. “We know risky behavior, like driving impaired, increases the chances of those outcomes. Our law enforcement partners across the state will be looking for impaired drivers and won’t hesitate to get drunk drivers off the road. We all spend so much time planning what we’re bringing to the party, plan for a sober ride home.”

Before choosing to drink, choose your team’s MVP – A sober designated driver. If you’re hosting a party, then serve food and non-alcoholic beverages, stop serving alcohol at the end of the third quarter and take keys from anyone who has too much to drink.

You can’t be a Monday Morning Quarterback if you’re behind bars . . . or worse. Make plans and enjoy the game!

The Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau works with city, county, state and local organizations to develop and implement strategies to reduce deaths and injuries on Iowa’s roadways using federally funded grants.



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