Fast food face lift brings more happy meals, more happy, happy meals

Perry's golden arches are receiving a makeover for the first time since opening in 1991.

Construction workers at the McDonald’s in Perry make the most of Tuesday splendid weather.

The McDonald’s food store at 325 First Ave. in Perry is getting a face lift, its first in almost 30 years.

Workers are renovating the outer facade of the building and the landscape around.

The Perry restaurant opened in 1991. In 2011 the 1.56-acre property was purchased for $50,000 by the Minneapolis, Minn.-based McDonald’s Real Estate Co. from Wilford Roberts and Winona Roberts of Perry, according to county records. The 2019 appraised value of the property was $612,700.

The fast food giants claims it serves more than 68 million customers a day, making it “the largest and most popular fast food restaurant chain in the world,” the McDonald’s website says.


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