February Bluejay Leaders at Perry Elementary named

Bluejay Leaders at Perry Elementary for the month of February have been named. Fifth graders honored were, front row, from left: Alex Cooper, Erika Guardado, Betzy Sandoval, Jonathan Munoz, Isela Vargas and Tony Aguilar (first grade), Back row, from left: Antonio Salazar, Paul Parnell, Maddy Hollingsworth, Orsy Quijada and Yajaira Hernandez. Photo submitted.

The Perry Elementary School names Bluejay Leaders for each month of the school year. Students are selected by their teachers for displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behavior. The list of Bluejay Leaders for February was recently released by Co-Principal New Menke.

Kindergarten Bluejay Leaders were, front, from left: Jackson Brocka, William Dong, Alvaro Pineda, Evelyn Cisneros, Vanessa Sandoval, Gauge Freeman and Jazmene Garcia. Back row, from left: Adrian Quijas, Aaron Carillo, Bryton Ward, Karen Ramirez, Edicson Arteaga, Yaneli Torres and Lenny Ochoa.

First grade students named Bluejay Leaders were, front row, from left: Jadelyn Hoffman, Isaiah Love, Precious Nicolaisen and Oscar Panama. Back row, from left: Alexis Vargas, Dylan Pennington, Jerson Ramirez, Maritza Ramirez, Jesus Salazar and Feza Zawadi. Tony Aguilar is pictured with the fifth grade. Not pictured is Marbella Martinez-Chic.

Bluejay Leaders from the second grade included, front row, from left: Alexis Rivera, Alissa Atwell, Gabe Hilsenbeck, Angie Orellana and Miguel Romero-Alas. Back row, from left: Daisy Hernandez, Bryceton Richardson, Danica Bane, Abygale Steil and Angel Cabrera-Jimenez.

The third grade teachers selected 12 students as Bluejay Leaders. Making the list were, front row, from left: Jose Ortega, Machenzie Kilts, Anthony Sanchez, Melany Giselle Ramirez, Ally Mills and Benjamin Gievara. Back row, from left: Esteban Medina, Delaney Miller, Emma Miller, Kyeo Augustine, Kimberly Perez and Carlos Martinez.

February’s Bluejay Leaders from the fourth grade were, front row, from left: Payton Zander, Geremi Alfaro, Jonathan Banuelos, Elizabeth Ramirez, Billy Mendez and Yanira Ayala. Back row, from left: Desmond Nath, Adamary Reyes, Rogan Dougan, Kimberly Gonzalez, Alec Burgin and Valentina Mion.

All photos courtesy Perry schools.


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