Feline survivor of Madrid hoarder sought in Boone


The Boone Area Humane Society is seeking a lost cat. The society issued the following statement Sunday and requested it be made public:

This cat was found by someone in Boone, and they contacted the Animal Protection and Education Charity in Boone in an attempt to obtain the pet’s vaccination records so they could rehome the cat, knowing it was microchipped.

We were able to locate the chip number and its registration, confirming the pet was one of ours that was subsequently adopted out by the Boone Area Humane Society (BAHS). These individuals were advised to turn the cat over to the BAHS since it was a privately owned cat, which to my knowledge has not happened.

Yes, the cat is ear tipped, however it is not a feral TNR cat. This cat was one of the rescued Madrid Hoarder cats that was gentle and friendly enough to be placed in a home along with several others. It was previously vetted/spayed by our facility and ear tipped a few years before the hoarding situation occurred.

Someone is looking for this cat. If you see this cat, please contact the Animal Protection and Education Charity or the Boone Area Humane Society so we can reunite it with its owner, who is currently looking for it.


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