First band of Bluejay Leaders announced at Perry Elementary

The first Bluejay Leaders of the year from K/TK at Perry Elementary pose for a group photo. In front are Sophia Contreras, Kol Stemsrud, Will Adair, Emma Andrews, and Veda Iben. Standing in the middle row are Kellen Hardy, Pearl Say, and April Morman, with Charlie Riley, Brooklyn Ochoa, and Aviana Balm-Cruz at top. Not pictured are Anthony Torres, Kayden Alvarez, and Adeline Gonzalez. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary.

The teachers at Perry Elementary School select students from their respective grades each month to receive status as a Bluejay Leader. To earn the honor, a student must display respectful, responsible and safe behaviors.

The list of those chosen for August/September was recently released. All names appear as submitted.

Selected from the first grade were, in front, Lexi Phillips, Nicholas Kezar, Lily Hernandez and Joel Mendez, with Kai French, Madison Hulgan, Danica Miller and Antonio Balm in the second row. Standing in back are Daniel Zamora, Paisley Graham, Colter Friestad and Rebecca Soto.

Noah Atwell, Olivia Pierschbacher, Jaxson Sanchez and Isabella Hernandez stand in the front row of the second graders chosen. Izzy McGill, Emmanuel Delgadillo, Elijah Smith and Jayden Chapman are in the second row, with Taylyn Conrad, Alexander Funes-Salgado, Illiana Rosado and Luke Rowe in the third row.

Third graders named Bluejay Leaders smile for their group photo. Belinda Ramirez, Brandol Reyes, Ronnie Menendez and Maylin Ramirez stand in front, with Thomas Trotter, Catnyss Hein, Caleb Harland and Caleb Harland in the middle. At top are Alexander Sanchez, Priscila Garcia-Soriano and Jesus Hernandez.

Nine of the 10 fourth graders selected for Bluejay Leader honors take a brief break from class. In front are Santiago Ramirez, Zack Anliker and Jayse Whelchel, with Emma Mills, Gigi Saenz and Kyan Newman, while Edlyn Iben, Reed Wuebker and Valentina Medina stand in the top row. Classmate Addison Valadez is not pictured.

Mariana Cerna, Hayden Rothfus and Eldora Teweldebirhan stand in the front row of the fifth grade photo, with Y Dang, Briana Carillo, Tristan Mintun and Aaron Carrillo behind. Elena Lawson and Luke Adair are at rear, with Yanela Torres-Gonzalez not pictured.

All photos courtesy Perry Elementary.


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