First set of Bluejay Leaders announced by Perry Elementary

The first set of Bluejay Leaders from the Perry Elementary kindergarten smile with their certificates. Sitting are Jaxson Sanchez, Jayden Chapman, Drew Adair, Izzy McGill, Isabella Soto and Josias Cortez. Standing are Claire Brown, Ivan Arreola, Taylyn Conrad, Luke Rowe, Ariana Gonzalez, Tommy Splendore and Brynn Menke. Not pictured is Halle Kilts. Photo courtesy Perry Elementary.

Perry Elementary School recently named their first set of Bluejay Leaders for the current school year. Students were selected by their teachers for displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors throughout the month of September.

All photos are courtesy of Perry Elementary School, with names listed as provided.

First grade Bluejay Leaders were September are, front row, Miya Waterhouse, Brunno Gonzalez, Mason Armstrong, Gavin Grant, Haylee Hernandez and Cody Goodman. Standing are Shiloh Siglin, Caleb Harland, Grace Tennih, Belinda Ramirez, Lauren Finn and Jesus Hernandez.

Liam Finn, Charlie Baxter, Jayse Whelchel, Emmal Mills and Caitlin Harland are in the front row of second grade Bluejay Leaders. At rear are Lillian Lucht, Marcella Lewis, Jillian Chapman and Leonel Medina. Not pictured is Maria Lopez.

Third graders honored as Bluejay Leaders in September pose for a photo. Kneeling are Adoni Silva, Christopher Gomez, Jessica Hidalgo, Sofia Pineda, Hayden Rothfus and Odrielle Nibiziguharura. Standing are Bryton Ward, Joey Maylum, Chris Tolle, Kiya Waterhouse, Jayden Mapes, Jonathan Soto and Emmy Meyers.

September Bluejay Leaders from the fourth grade included, in front, Addison White, Zaray Castro, Landon Carlson, Isaiah Grove and Jonathan Guillan. In back are Jonathan Romero, Jasmine Gonzalez, Cassandra Sierra, Jose Romero and Bryan Chavez.

Bluejay Leader recognition for September was earned by 10 fifth graders. Kneeling are Edith Gomez, Kalley Whelchel, Destiny Gonzalez, Lily Myers and Fatima Andrade. Standing are Danny Cooper, Andres Carrillo, Noah Goodman, Diego Diaz-Cardenas and Cohen Galivan.


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