First set of Bluejay Leaders announced

Kindergarten: Front, from left - Zach Ankiker, Lenyn Walton, Luis Vargas, Andrea Sanchez, Adrian Muro, Melissa Reyes and Jeremy De Paz. Back row, from left -- Savannah Simmons, Dillon Hoyle, Elena Lawson, Colton Kinney, Amirra Alvarez, Jesus Aguilar and Aubree Garcia.

The Perry Elementary School has named the first group of Bluejay Leaders for the school year. Bluejay Leaders are selected each month by displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behavior.


First Grade: Front row, from left — Levi Dillinger, Selene Ayala, Jose Romero, Anicka Field, Joseph Hernandez and Sherlin Sanchez. Back row, from left — Xavier Gonzalez, Tyfany Villalobos, Hayden Gilmore, Sofia Saenz, Brandon Angel and Halley Nelson.


Second Grade: Front row, from left — Jacksen Heinkel, Opal Lingner, Eduardo Becerra, Nicole Lopez and Anthony Ubaldo. Back row, from left — Emely Hurtado, Alex Zamora, Cate Erickson and Lily Navarrette. Not pictured is Jimmy Posada.


Third Grade: Front row, from left — Noah Hemphill, Valeria Medina, Austin Nelson, Delilah Riquelme, Caleb Snyder and Maria Valdez. Back row, from left — Steven Gonzalez, Audrey Romero, Christopher Ochoa, Jezebel Gonzalez, Gabriel Jaimes and Daisy Gavidia.


Fourth Grade: Front row, from left — Jorden Orellana, Jeanette Willett, Aidan Carlson, Celine Panama, Aaron Flores and Madison Stika. Back row, from left — Renzo Saenz, Litzy Ramirez, Caleb Uken, Carlia Cervantes, Hunter Seiser and Lilly Bandfield.


Fifth Grade: Front row, from left — Elias Cisneros, Jenna Nelson, King Carter-Love, Abril Vaca and Drake Levan. Back row, from left — Belle LaValley, Jesus Zamora, Melannie Gomez, Max Chapin and Kathryn Whitver.


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