Flood warning extended as ice jams, saturated roads pose hazards


The National Weather Service flood warning has been extended for the North Raccoon River and the Suth Raccoon River as ice jams and saturated gravel roads pose travel hazards in Perry area.

The flood warning for the North Raccoon River near near Perry, or From the Greene-Dallas
County line to Adel has been extended until further notice.

At 11:15 a.m. Thursday, the stage was 11.1 feet, or 3.9 feet below flood stage. Flood stage is 15.0 feet. No flooding is occurring, but major flooding is forecast as the river rises to flood stage Friday morning and continues rising to 21.0 feet or 6.0 feet above flood stage by early Sunday morning.

Limited evacuations may begin in residential areas of Adel along with extensive sandbagging.

The flood warning continues for the South Raccoon River at Redfield or from the Middle Raccoon River to the North Raccoon River until Friday morning.

At 11:45 a.m. Thursday, the stage was 21.1 feet, or 1.1 feet above flood stage. Flood stage is 20.0 feet. Minor flooding is occurring and is forecast to continue as the river rises to 21.5 feet or 1.5 feet above flood stage Thurday evening and then begins falling to below flood stage by Friday morning.

Gravel roads on the west and south sides of Redfield are affected as well as Delta Circle Road in the vicinity of the H Avenue bridge.


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