For ISU Extension, birds of a feather do not all flock together

Timing the visit to their ISU Extension colleagues in Perry perfectly to help carry in provisions for the Latino Progressive Dinner Friday were ISU Extension staff from the Adel offices, from left, Kathy Beni, Karmen Weddle, Natasha Neal, Perry Public Library Director Mary Murphy, Rosa Gonzalez, Caitlyn Lamm, Lisa Mickelson, Alyssa Dick and Mark Johnson.

Seven staff members of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach offices in Adel at the Dallas County Fairgrounds paid a friendly visit Friday to their fellow ISU Extension and Outreach workers in Perry at the TownCraft Center.

For some of the Adel staff, it was their first view of the richly appointed rooms of the TownCraft, a legacy of the Ahmanson millions that restored most of the block along Willis Avenue between First Avenue and Second Street.

Rosa Gonzalez, ISU Extension and Outreach family life and human sciences specialist, greeted her fellow extensionists from the Adel offices, including Extension Project Assistant Kathy Beni, Extension Office Assistant Karmen Weddle, Extension Advancement and PR Specialist Natasha Neal, Extension Marketing and Communications Coordinator Caitlyn Lamm, Extension Educator and Team Leader Lisa Mickelson, Extension Ag and STEM Educator Alyssa Dick and extension Field Agronomist Mark Johnson.

No sooner had the visitors from the south arrived than Perry Public Library Director Mary Murphy pulled up with her car full of provisions for the evening’s Latino Progressive Dinner. Showing the team spirit that makes ISU Extension and Outreach such a valuable resource to the residents of Dallas County, all pitched in to unload the goods and carry them upstairs.


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