Ford catches fire near noon Sunday for reasons unknown


A vehicle fire of uncertain origin was reported about 11:45 a.m. Sunday near the northwest corner of Fourth and South streets in Perry.

Ryan Ayers, a neighbor, assisted officers of the Perry Police Department in fighting the blaze with a garden hose and fire extinguishers until the arrival of the Perry Volunteer Fire Department, which quickly controlled the fire.

There were no injuries in the midday incident.

First Assistant Fire Chief Brian Eiteman said the extensive damage to the vehicle made pinpointing the cause of the fire virtually impossible.

“It possibly started with a small leak in the fuel-delivery system,” Eiteman said, “but with the damage, there is no way to make a determination.”

A neighbor said she looked out the window and saw the truck was on fire. She said the vehicle was parked for more than an hour before the fire started. will update this story as information becomes available.


  1. The guy with a garden hose is my cousin, the neighbor Ryan Ayers he is the one the tried to control the fire. I think he deserves some credit. Not to sound mean.


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